The Crime Prevention Answer Page

The following general categories list frequently asked questions regarding personal and residential protection or "target hardening".

Many people are not sure what constitutes "suspicious activity" and when to contact law enforcement. So, what kind of things are suspicious and when should I call?

  1. Anyone forcibly entering a car or home.
  2. Someone running from a home or business under unusual circumstances.
  3. Someone carrying a weapon in an inappropriate setting.
  4. Anyone ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door without a reasonable explanation for doing so.
  5. Strange vehicles parked in your area.
  6. A clean vehicle with dirty or damaged plates.
  7. Any activity or event you observe that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always obey your intuitive sense that something is suspicious. If you are not sure about calling law enforcement, CALL ANYWAY !

How to report a crime to local law enforcement

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