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Green Dot Alaska is a project aimed at engaging individual community members in preventing power-based violence in our communities. Power-based violence includes domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, elder abuse, child abuse and bullying. What we know for sure is that rates of all types of abuse are too high in Alaska – our sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, neighbors and friends are being harmed at alarming rates. We also know that most people don’t want the next rape or act of domestic violence to happen. Our communities are made up of good people who want violence to end but may not know what to do about it or who have valid reasons they don’t intervene. We call these reasons for not intervening “barriers.” We all have barriers and that is ok! Green Dot helps us to discover lots of options for intervening when we see signs of violence (reactive Green Dots) as well as easy ways to begin to change our culture (Proactive Green Dots). We all want communities where violence isn’t tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part! We approach this work full of hope and ask you to visit our website or attend a Green Dot event in a community near you to join the movement! You can also visit the national Green Dot, etc. website to read about the history of the program, learn what other states are doing or to order Green Dot gear.

Keep the Momentum Going

NewGreen Dot Challenge kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month
The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) campus will host multiple activities for students as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The events begin with a Green Dot Campus Action Challenge.

Green Dot is a violence prevention program that assigns a green dot to any choice a person makes that helps prevent someone from being harmed. The challenge asks students, faculty and staff of UAF to generate 1,917 green dots between April 11-22.

The total is the equivalent of one dot for every seven members of the UAF community. The number commemorates the year UAF was founded.

For more information about how to generate your green dot, visit the Green Dot website.

Keep the Momentum Going

Below are the activities planned during the month:

  • April 11-22 — Green Dot Campus Action Challenge
  • April 13 — Sex Ed Trivia, 8 p.m., Hess Rec
  • April 15 — Take Back the Night rally, 6 p.m., Constitution Park
  • April 22 — Green Dot Action Pledge, noon–4 p.m. at SpringFest Mud Volleyball
  • April 22 — Party With Consent Workshop, 4–6 p.m., 306 Gruening
  • April 22 — Party With Consent, 8 p.m., Hess Rec
  • April 24 — Run for Respect, noon, registration in the Whitaker Building parking lot
  • April 30 — Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, 2 p.m., Pioneer Park

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