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2016 Shikar Safari Award

by Audrey Ayay-DeHart 9. May 2017 07:52

Congratulation to Trooper McGinnis! This week Colonel Bear presented him with the 2016 Shikar Safari Award. The Shikar Safari award is the highest honor a Wildlife Trooper can earn. This award represents the best of the best in the Alaska Wildlife Trooper profession. Trooper McGinnis now joins other award recipients on the wall at Headquarters.

Trooper McGinnis single handedly patrols nearly 80,000 square miles of remote and rural Alaska.  His knowledge of the Northwest Arctic is extensive and he is recognized as one of the Troopers who truly understands the subtleties and undercurrents of deeply personal subsistence issues as well as the opportunistic realities of commercial operations and the serious consequences if left unchecked.  It is clear that he is well respected as an experienced and fair trooper who will follow-through on complaints and violations that need to be accounted for. The resources of the State of Alaska would not be what they are today without officers like him.  There is no question that he has made it better for generations to come and works daily to continue his positive and steadfast influence.  As a representative of the resource and the Department, Trooper McGinnis embodies everything we could ask of an insightful, experienced and unbiased officer.  Quite simply, he’s a stellar representative of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers.  

To learn more about the Shikar Safari Award, please visit:



Fort Nightly

by Audrey Ayay-DeHart 3. May 2017 11:22



Back in 2014, The Alaska Wildlife Troopers began participating in Skyview Middle School's Fort Nightly activities (an after school event full of games and fun for the local middle school).  Initially, Troopers Jaime and McConnell attended as parent volunteers. Then the duo saw an opportunity to have a positive impact with the students by attending in uniform, the thought being that many kids that have had interaction with law enforcement did so on a negative level.  The principal was approached with the idea and now Wildlife Troopers are common at many of the events. 

 It first started with Troopers playing dodge ball with the kids; the first night most kids avoided the Troopers.  Then it was all the kids against the Troopers and then those who wanted to, played on the "Trooper Team".  In the dodge ball game when a player is hit by a ball, they must do 5 pushups to get back in the game.  Most of the kids as well as some of the school faculty members were surprised to see Troopers knocking out their share of pushups! Needless to say, by the end of the night, there was not a dry trooper uniform in the building.

 The participation in the Fort Nightly events continue to evolve.  For the past year, the Wildlife Troopers have been showing up with competitive games for the kids to play.  Care was taken to design games where athleticism and intellect would not necessarily give one kid an advantage over another. There have been games such as: who could throw a balsa wood airplane the farthest.  There was the paper airplane game where you throw the airplane through two counter-rotating hula-hoops (many of the kids were taught how to make a paper airplane) and the last was who could shoot the most marshmallows into a bucket using a type of sling shot made from a Dixie cup and a cut balloon. The troopers pooled together and purchased gift cards which were awarded to the winners. 

 Now it is getting difficult to determine who is having the most fun, kids or troopers!


Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day!

by Vickie Miller 1. June 2016 14:15


To promote safety, personnel at the Department of Public Safety in Anchorage modeled their Pfd's on "Wear Your Life Jacket To Work" day!  




Trooper Jimmy Lindberg Receives Awards

by Vickie Miller 15. October 2015 15:37





 Alaska Wildlife Trooper Jimmy Lindberg recently received two awards – the Mat-Su regional Wildlife Trooper of the Year by the Palmer Elks and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) 2014 Alaska Boating Safety Officer of the Year. Trooper Lindberg was recognized for his dedication to service and his overall exceptional performance as an Alaska Wildlife Trooper at an annual banquet on Oct. 10 at the Palmer Elks lodge honoring law enforcement personnel. The NASBLA award is given to only one law enforcement officer in each state.


 According to his supervisor, AWT Sgt. Doug Massie, Lindberg is among the top producing Wildlife Trooper for boating safety contacts, warnings and citations. In 2014 Lindberg logged 690 boating safety contacts, gave 99 warnings and issued 31 boating safety citations.  Lindberg hosted over 10 hours of boating safety classes to local children in the Mat-Su Region, taking the time to share the importance of boating safety and wearing life jackets. Lindberg recognizes the importance of early intervention and education on boating safety; he invests countless hours reaching out to young people regarding this issue.


 “Trooper Lindberg’s passion for boating safety, and teaching the importance of it is second to none. Trooper Lindberg’s balance of education and enforcement is exactly what the Division of Wildlife Troopers looks for in a Wildlife Trooper,” Massie said. “Trooper Lindberg is committed to the boating safety mission of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers; he recognizes its importance to the citizens of the State of Alaska, and carries out that mission with dedication.”


 Congratulations Trooper Lindberg and thank you Palmer Elks for the support to law enforcement in its community.


Article and pictures submitted by Beth Ipsen


Alaska Water Wise - Boating Safety!

by Vickie Miller 8. September 2015 14:26

Sgt. Aaron Frenzel recently helped teach a section of Alaska Water Wise which was held on Saturday, August 22nd.  Alaska Water Wise is a free boating course for Alaskans offered through the Alaska Boating Safety Program.  The course has been approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. It may even qualify boaters for boat insurance discounts.

Segments include pre-departure preparation, boat operation, boating emergencies, cold-water survival, the navigation rules, and legal requirements. Students who attend all sessions and pass the written exam and skills will be issued a course completion certificate.

This course has also been approved for eight hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) training by the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services.

Sgt. Frenzel works out of the Juneau Post, Southern Detachment.  Included in the student evaluations were positive comments of appreciation for Sgt. Frenzel's discussion of Alaska state laws and boating carriage requirements.




Boating Safety Outing on Big Lake

by Vickie Miller 8. September 2015 13:03

On August 21st, Trooper Jimmy Lindberg of the MatSu West Post, Northern Division, went on a boating safety outing at Big Lake.






Teaching The Kids About Wildlife

by Vickie Miller 23. July 2015 10:23


Alaska Wildlife Trooper Lt. Fussey and Safety Bear taught kids about Alaskan animals at the Joy Greisen Jewish Education Center summer camp on Tuesday, July 21st. Fussey let the kids handle animal hides and skulls and Safety Bear handed out hugs and high fives to the Anchorage school children.







North for Science

by Vickie Miller 26. June 2015 15:20

On Saturday, June 13th, a group of eight 7th and 8th graders from Fairbanks visited Coldfoot AWT Post during their trip to the Brooks Range “North for Science”. The students took a trip north to meet field scientist and agency staff to learn about subarctic and arctic eco-systems while having fun camping in the Brooks Range. The trip is made possible by sponsorship from Muri Science and Learning Center, National Park Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Geographic, Arctic Audubon Society, Alaska Songbird Institute and University of Alaska Toolik Field Station.  Alaska Wildlife Trooper Scott Lanier explained responsible resource Management, duties and responsibilities of a Wildlife Trooper, and had a show and tell with the Coldfoot AWT Super Cub.





Kids Fish and Game Fun Day - Fairbanks, Alaska - May 16, 2015

by Vickie Miller 3. June 2015 10:31

On Saturday May 16th, four Alaska Wildlife Troopers made a public appearance at the Kids Fish and Game Fun Day hosted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at 1300 College Road in Fairbanks. Troopers had two state aircraft, a helicopter and a super cub, on display for the public and were available for questions for the duration of the event. Over 1500 people were present at the event which ran from 11:00AM until 4:00 PM.

Sergeant David Bump and Trooper Mike Potter give the public a look at one of their patrol vehicles

Trooper Art Cummings helping kids in and out of the cub during the day

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The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® - 2015

by Vickie Miller 5. May 2015 08:34

On April 18, 2015, AWT Captain Bernard Chastain and Trooper Dan Dahl walked more than a mile in high heels with Team AST to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes and effects of sexualized violence.  The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is an international men's march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. Team AST raised more than $2,500 for Standing Together Against Rape ( , an organization that provides support to Alaskans affected by sexual violence. For more information and to support Team AST, go to


 AWT Captain Chastain in the middle, and AWT Trooper Dahl, right, strapping their heels on.  On the left is fellow AST teammate, Lt. Gonzales.


 Struttin' their stuff is Left to Right, AST Colonel Cockrell, AST Lt. Gonzales, and our AWT Captain Chastain who particularly looks great in the lace ups!


Rounding the corning is AWT Trooper Dahl next to Captain Chastain on the inside.  Way to go, guys!

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