Division of Statewide Services

The Division of Statewide Services provides technical and specialized services to the other divisions of the Department of Public Safety, local State and Federal Law enforcement, and the public at large. The Division consists of the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau and Information Systems.

The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau maintains Alaska's criminal history records and fingerprint identification data. The Alaska Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AAFIS) verifies identity of persons arrested and matches latent prints from crime scenes with prints on file. AAFIS is a participant in the nine-state Western Identification Network, which shares a fingerprint data base.

Information Services develops and maintains the computerized resources of the Department. APSIN, the Alaska Public Safety Information Network, is used by DPS employees as well as other law enforcement personnel across Alaska to track arrests, criminal histories, warrants, missing persons, stolen property, and other information for law enforcement purposes. APSIN provides access to Alaska motor vehicle and driver license data, and connects to the FBI's National Crime Information Center and to other states via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. Information Services also maintains networks, desktop computers and laptops, the Department's web pages, and various databases.

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