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2/21/2018 DPS PR# 18-011

Operation Frostbite

During late January, the temperatures in Fairbanks fluctuated anywhere from the single-digits all the way down to mid-30s below zero. Life doesn’t stop moving because it’s cold. Kids still go to school, adults go to their jobs and some people commit crimes. In some cases, crimes that are committed are not easily noticed so law enforcement has to be proactive in seeking out violations of the law.

Operation Frostbite, which was very aptly named considering the Fairbanks temperatures, was one such proactive endeavor. It involved 17 different law enforcement officers from the U.S. Marshals, Fairbanks Police Department, Alaska State Troopers, the Alaska Department of Corrections-Fairbanks Adult Probation & Parole, U.S. Probation and Pretrial and the Alaska Sex Offender Registry.

Between Jan. 29 and Feb. 1, 2018, the various law enforcement agencies collaborated to conduct sex offender compliance checks, probation home visits and interviews. The intent of Operation Frostbite was to verify that all of Fairbanks and North Pole’s sex offenders were living where they reported and to arrest anyone non-compliant or a fugitive for failing to register.

The sex offender registry in Alaska currently contains 3,473 entries. Keeping track of that many people is a tall order but the Alaska State Troopers are dedicated to continued cooperative efforts with local and federal partners like the U.S. Marshal Service to keep all convicted sex offenders current with their registration requirements while living within Alaska.

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The sex offender registry for Alaska is found online at: