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4/11/2018 DPS PR# 18-019 

Studded Tire Removal Deadline South of 60° North on April 15

Studded tires across entire state must be removed by May 1

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Alaskans living south of 60° North Latitude must have their studded tires removed before April 15. Beginning Sunday, Alaska State Troopers and local law enforcement agencies may give citations to drivers on paved roads south of the latitude line in accordance with state law. The area includes Southeast Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutians, and Kodiak. Drivers on the Sterling Highway are exempt.

“While studded snow tires can provide a level of certainty for drivers during winter months, they cause additional wear and tear on paved Alaska roads,” Commissioner Walt Monegan said. “Winter driving conditions no longer impact the portion of the State south of 60° North Latitude, and Alaskans in those areas should make arrangements to have their studded tires removed.”

Latitude 60 crosses Alaska from east to west just south of Prince William Sound, Seward, and Chefornak. It is unlawful to operate motor vehicles with studded tires on paved highways or roads from April 15 through September 30, south of 60° North Latitude. Alaskans living north of the 60° line have until the end of April to remove studded snow tires. Drivers on any portion of the Sterling Highway – regardless of its latitudinal position – also have until May 1 to removed studded tires.
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