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Troopers Switching Out Their Blues
Troopers and DPS support staff wear denim in support of sexual assault survivors
April 23, 2019 (Anchorage, Alaska) – Tomorrow is Wear Denim Day and the Department of Public Safety is going all-in with an eye-catching uniform change for the day. Troopers are encouraged to switch out their blue uniform pants with a pair of blue jeans to help raise awareness of sexual assaults and to support survivors of sexual violence. Civilian staff will also participate, though their wardrobe change won’t be as stark.
Wear Denim Day came about as protest to a landmark court decision in Italy. An Italian court overturned a sexual assault conviction of a 45 year old driving instructor for raping an 18 year old student in the 1990s. The court reasoned that the victim wore very, very tight jeans and must have somehow participated in the removal of the jeans, therefore granting consent.
“Alaska’s rates of sexual assault are unacceptable.  Anything we can do to put a stop to this violence, we are committed to doing - everything from providing specialized training, hiring sexual assault specific investigators in Western Alaska, to something as unconventional  as wearing jeans,” said Commissioner Amanda Price. “Troopers are eager to participate because we knew that Troopers on duty wearing jeans, for the first time ever, would be an instant conversation starter. People will want to know why a Trooper is wearing blue jeans instead of their iconic uniform pants, and our message is simple and strong: Support Survivors.”

DPS is also using this as an opportunity to raise funds for Standing Together Against Rape, an advocacy group that provides resources to sexual abuse/sexual assault survivors, or another appropriate advocacy organization. DPS Employees participating in the campaign are encouraged to donate at least $5 in exchange for wearing denim to work. All donations are voluntary.

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