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Patrol Vessel Woldstad

Built for the State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety in1982 the Patrol Vessel (P/V) Woldstad is a 121-foot, 300 ton vessel. With its Home Port in Kodiak, it patrols from Kodiak Island to the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay with a four man crew and at least two State Troopers on each trip. The P/V WOLDSTAD was the largest vessel assigned to the Marine Enforcement Section for many years until the Stimson was commissioned in 1998 to work alongside the Woldstad in patrolling the vast Alaskan Waters.


The Vessel was named in honor of Colonel Fred W. Woldstad who retired in 1980 as the director of Alaska Department of Public Safety, Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement. Colonel Woldstad was instrumental in the creation of the Marine Enforcement Section and a strong supporter of the section's efforts to provide enforcement services to offshore fisheries.

With its 12-ton and 5-ton deck cranes the vessel can haul all types of commercial fishing gear. In addition to it's enforcement mission the vessel is equipped with fire fighting capabilities, dewatering pumps and other gear to provide Search and Rescue capabilities. Along with its ability to tow vessels up to 10,000 tons and its 5,000-mile range the P/V Woldstad is a great resource that is depended on heavily for a multitude of missions.