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University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center Research Partnership

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)  Justice Center is a respected, independent resource for research in the state of Alaska. The UAA Justice Center was established by the Alaska Legislature in 1975 and is a research unit in the College of Health in UAA. Their mission is to "provide statewide justice-related education, research, and service. The Justice Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate graduate, and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law, and justice; and provides services to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy, and just society. " 

The DPS Sexual Assault Kit Initiative enlisted the services of the UAA Justice Center to conduct comprehensive research to answer the overarching research question:
How could Alaska DPS and partners improve their practices related to sexual assault investigation, prosecution, and victim engagement and support?