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Who Can Get Help?

  • Victims who have been physically or emotionally injured as a result of a violent crime that occurred in Alaska
  • Victims of drunk drivers of hit and run
  • Dependents of homicide victims
  • Alaskan residents who are the victims of terrorism overseas
  • Parents of minor victims who have suffered loss and expense as a result of the crime and/or injuries

In order to qualify for compensation, there are certain statutory requirements that must be met.

What Must I Do to Get Help?

  • You must report the crime to local law enforcement within 5 days of the crime;  if reported more than 5 days after the crime you must provide a written explanation
    (note the Board may waive this requirement if the victim is a minor or for good cause)
  • You must cooperate with law enforcement and prosecution
  • You must apply for compensation within 2 years of the crime
    (note the Board may waive for good cause or if the victim is a minor)
  • If you have insurance or are covered by a state or federal program e.g. Indian Health Services or Medicare, that must be applied to medical expenses first.

For more details see eligibility section.