The Alaska State Troopers are unique. No other department performs the missions the Troopers routinely execute while providing law enforcement to the largest state in the union. We are primarily a rural law enforcement agency.

There are about 400 commissioned State & Wildlife Trooper positions spread across Alaska. Troopers provide primary law enforcement for all communities that do not have local law enforcement capabilities.

Troopers work in a wide variety of law enforcement fields. They are able to select career paths that fit their personal interests and provide professional service to the citizens of Alaska.

Within the Division of the Alaska State Troopers a trooper can work in a number of areas: rural law enforcement, highway law enforcement, urban and near-urban law enforcement, drug investigations, or major crime investigations. Career paths include: fixed or rotary wing pilot, canine handler, sea vessel operator, river vessel and snow machine operator, Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT), tactical dive unit, police instructor, white collar, sexual assault, homicide, cybercrime, or property and collision investigator.

Alaska State Trooper position is among the most demanding of any in law enforcement. Troopers may be responsible for the public safety of a rural area the size of a smaller Lower-48 state (like Texas), or may operate in a fast-paced urban environment. A Trooper’s responsibilities require impeccable honesty during routine duties, high-risk activities and everyday contact with the public.

The Alaska State Troopers work under adverse conditions with special tools. Your patrol vehicle may be a Piper Super Cub on floats; your office may be a 156-foot patrol vessel. Troopers are also responsible for all land-based search and rescue operations within Alaska. These duties require self-confidence and determination. Will you rise to the challenge?