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Choose Respect Campaign

Choose Respect

Choose Respect Campaign

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In 2008, through a partnership between the Council and the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, the "Real Alaska Men Choose Respect" campaign was born in an effort to engage men in the work of ending domestic violence and sexual assault. As part of that campaign, former Governor Sean Parnell was asked to film a public service announcement (PSA), along with other Alaskans, to help raise awareness.

In December of 2009, Gov. Parnell pledged that Alaska would take every step necessary to stop the epidemic of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse in Alaska, and began his statewide "Choose Respect Initiative."

Since then, we have witnessed more and more Alaskans finding the courage to speak, and the strength to act. Alaska started with 18 partner communities. By March of 2014, more than 170 Alaska communities participated in Choose Respect marches, rallies, and community events. The Council also worked to expand its public service campaigns to include outreach to victims regarding asking for help and expanded its prevention programs to include the variety of projects listed on this website.

In September 2014, the Council worked to freshen and expand its public service campaigns to include the theme "Together we can make a difference."

Together, we are sending messages of hope and healing to the many who have suffered from crimes of violence and to help engage communities in effective strategies to prevent violence in the future.


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