Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Saturday, November 30, 2019

Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

A Detachment

  • AK19083964

    Location: Cooper Landing
    Type: SAR/Body Recovery

    Dispatch Text:

    UPDATE: Crash site was reached on 12/1/2019 and recovery efforts completed at approximately 1500 hours. Remains have been removed from the site and will be transported to the State Medical Examiner in Anchorage for positive identification.

    On 11/29/2019 at approximately 1912 hours, Soldotna Dispatch received multiple reports of an aircraft crash near Jean Lake, west of Cooper Landing. Aircraft dispatched by RCC responded and located the crash site, but was unable to land due to weather and terrain. On 11-30-19 at approximately 1430 hours DPS Helo 3, with NTSB investigator onboard, conducted an overflight of the crash site but was unable to land in the area. The involved aircraft has been identified as a Piper PA31-350 operated by Security Aviation. There were believed to be three souls onboard; no survivors are expected. The Alaska Mountain Rescue Group is organizing a ground response to the crash site on 12-1-19.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 4:35:12 PM by DPS\kemarsh

  • AK19083981

    Location: Kenai
    Type: Warrant Arrest / VCOR / DV Unlawful Contact I x2, DV Unlawful Contact II, MICS IV, Criminal Mischief V, Tampering with or Damaging a Vehicle, Resisting Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/29/2019 at approximately 2047 hours, Alaska State Troopers contacted a suspicious vehicle in Kenai. The driver was identified as Sidney Clark, age 36 of Kenai. Clark had an outstanding $50 arrest warrant for failing to appear for a pretrial conference on the original charge of domestic violence Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree. Clark was arrested and further found to be actively violating his conditions of release in that case by contacting the victim, among other violations. A search warrant was executed on the vehicle, during the service of which Clark became extremely agitated and began damaging the interior of a State vehicle. The continuing investigation revealed Clark to be in possession of a controlled substance. Clark was transported and remanded to Wildwood Pretrial. Immediately after being booked, Clark began again contacting the victim in violation of his conditions of release and arrest. Clark was remanded on the outstanding warrant as well as charges of Violating Conditions of Release, two counts domestic violence Unlawful Contact in the First Degree, Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances in the Fourth Degree, Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree, Tampering with or Damaging a Vehicle, Resisting or Interfering with Arrest, and domestic violence Unlawful Contact in the Second Degree.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 3:48:19 AM by DPS\kmgill

  • AK19083967

    Location: Soldotna
    Type: Assault IV DV

    Dispatch Text:

    On November 29th, 2019 at approximately 1858 hours, the Alaska State Troopers responded to a residence on Jubilee Street, Soldotna for a welfare check. Investigation revealed Brandon J. Cleveland, age 32 of Soldotna, placed a family member in imminent fear of physical injury. Cleveland was arrested for Assault IV DV. Cleveland was transported to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility where he was remanded and held without bail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 4:17:37 AM by DPS\asgault

B Detachment

  • AK19083929

    Location: Houston
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/29/2019, at approximately 1437 hours, Alaska State Troopers contacted Summer Kocean, age 32 of Houston, on Prince Charming Dr. who had two active warrants; Failure to Appear on an original charge of Violating a DVPO and Violating a Court Order in relation to a DVPO. Kocean was arrested and transported and remanded at MatSu Pretrial with a $500 bail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 9:26:41 PM by DPS\jkknier

  • AK19082614

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/29/2019 at 0943 hours, Alaska State Troopers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant when they contacted Russell Amos, age 42 of Wasilla. Amos was arrested for an unrelated outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear for a pre-trial conference hearing for an original charge of Driving with a Revoked License. Amos was transported and remanded at Matsu Pretrial with a $150 bail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 9:27:32 PM by DPS\jkknier

  • AK19084049

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/30/2019 at 0944 hours, Alaska State Troopers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on two individuals when they contacted Robert Collins, age 55 of Wasilla. Collins was arrested for an unrelated outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear on an original charge of Driving Under the Influence out of Anchorage. Collins was transported and remanded at Anchorage Pretrial with a $300 bail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 9:28:11 PM by DPS\jkknier

  • AK19081697

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 9/27/2019 at approximately 1756 hours, Alaska State Trooper received a REDDI report involving a white Chevy truck driving all over the roadway on Seldon Road near Tait Drive. During the call, the driver of the Chevy truck collided with a bicyclist. The driver, Michael Conner, aged 42 of Wasilla, continued away from the scene and was later located at Barry Resort Drive and Bogard. The bicyclist was transported to MatSu Regional for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Conner was transported to MatSu Regional due to being highly intoxicated and was not released. A search warrant was obtained for Conner’s blood and medical records.

    On 11/22/2019 at approximately 2036 hours, an arrest warrant was issued for Conner. The arrest warrant originating from the vehicle collision on 9/27/2019 and was for Assault 1, Assault 3, Assault 4, Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident, and Driving Under the Influence.

    On 11/29/2019, at approximately 1215 hours, Conner was located on East Bogard in Wasilla and placed under arrest without incident. Conner was transported and remanded at MatSu Pretrial with a $10,000 bail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 9:28:43 PM by DPS\jkknier

C Detachment

  • AK19061008

    Location: Kipnuk
    Type: Sexual Assault of a Minor II

    Dispatch Text:

    On September 4, 2019, The Violent Offenders Unit of the Alaska State Troopers in Bethel received a report of a sexual assault of a minor in the village of Tununak.

    Investigation revealed Jamison Mesak, 20 YOA of Tununak had sexually assaulted a 7 YOA male, minor from the same village. An arrest warrant in amount of $10,000.00 was granted. Troopers were able to locate, and safely take Jamison Mesak into custody without incident.

    Jamison Mesak was transported from the village of Kipnuk, to Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center and remanded for Sexual Abuse of a Minor II.


    Posted on 11/30/2019 3:14:43 PM by DPS\eajohnson

  • AK19083986

    Location: Dillingham
    Type: VCOR, Unlawful Contact 1st

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/29/19 at about 2100 hours, Dillingham AST received a report that Benjamin Coopchiak, age 52 of Togiak, was having prohibited communication with a person in a nearby village.  Coopchiak had conditions of release to have no contact with the victim of a prior case in which he'd been arrested for Assault. Based on the investigation on 11/30/19, Benjamin was arrested on 11/30/19 for VCOR and unlawful contact 1st and booked at Dillingham Jail.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 5:21:48 PM by DPS\mrhenry

D Detachment

  • AK19084011

    Location: FAIRBANKS

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11-30-19 at approximately 0158 hours, a traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle by Fairbanks AST. Tanner Granholm, age 24 of Fairbanks, was in the driver seat of the vehicle. Granholm had a revoked driver's license and conditions of release which included not driving unless validly licensed. Granholm was arrested and narcotics paraphernalia was observed. K9 Lennox was deployed and indicated on the car. A search warrant was applied for and granted. Several items of narcotics paraphernalia were located. Granholm was remanded at FCC for DWLR, MICS5, and VCOR.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 6:42:58 AM by DPS\cihudson

  • AK19084017

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: DUI

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/30/2019 at approximately 0315 hours AST in Fairbanks conducted a traffic stop near University Ave. Further investigation revealed the driver Cora Brower age 41, of Utiagvik was Driving While Under the Influence of alcohol. Cora was arrested for DUI and remanded at FCC where she was released under her own recognizance.


    Posted on 11/30/2019 6:50:47 AM by DPS\dkmassey

  • AK19084018

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: Assault 4 DV, VCOR x 3

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/30/2019, at approximately 0412 hours, Fairbanks AST responded to a report of a disturbance off of Farmers Loop Road. Investigation revealed that Jermaine Lockwood, age 36 of Fairbanks, had assaulted a family member causing physical injury. Jermaine is also on conditions of release in an open court case. Following the execution of a search warrant, Troopers also contacted Lisa Lockwood, age 35 of Fairbanks. Investigation revealed that Lisa was violating her conditions of release in an open court case. Jermaine and Lisa were placed under arrest and transported to FCC. Jermaine has been charged with Assault 4 DV and two counts of Violating Conditions of Release. Lisa has been charged with Violating Conditions of Release. Further investigation is on-going.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 7:35:49 PM by DPS\bdlemay

E Detachment ...No news reported.

Headquarters ...No news reported.

AK Wildlife Troopers

  • AK19084063

    Location: Kodiak
    Type: Hunting w/out License

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/30/19 Timothy CASHMAN, 18 YO of Soldotna, was issued a citation by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Kodiak Post, for hunting without a valid hunting license. Bail is set at $270.00 in the Kodiak Courts.


    Posted on 11/30/2019 3:40:31 PM by DPS\adbeach

  • AK19084076

    Location: Soldotna
    Type: Fail to Yield

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/30/19, Alaska Wildlife Troopers arrested and charged Cole Spooner, 32, of Soldotna, for Failing to Stop at the Direction of a Peace Officer. Spooner was also issued a citation for Speeding.

    Posted on 11/30/2019 3:57:29 PM by DPS\slcantine

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