Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Monday, November 4, 2019

Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

A Detachment

  • AK19075943

    Location: K-Beach, Soldotna AK
    Type: Assault 4th, Domestic Violence

    Dispatch Text:

     On 11-03-19 at 1823 hours, the Soldotna AST K-9 Team responded to a report of a disturbance occurring at a residence located near K-Beach in Soldotna. Upon arrival, AST contacted Sandra K. Wilson (46) YOA of Soldotna. Investigation revealed Wilson physically assaulted a family member after a verbal altercation. Wilson was arrested for Assault 4th and she was transported and remanded to Wildwood Pretrial where she is currently being held without bail.    



    Posted on 11/4/2019 12:17:16 AM by DPS\jawoodruff

  • AK19075891

    Location: Vonda, Soldotna AK
    Type: Assault 4th, Assault 3rd, Domestic Violence

    Dispatch Text:

     On 11-03-19 at 1209 hours, the Soldotna AST K-9 Team responded to a report of a disturbance occurring at a residence located near Vonda in Soldotna. Upon arrival, AST contacted Joshua L. Thompson (36) YOA of Soldotna. Investigation revealed a physical altercation occurred between Thompson and his girlfriend. Thompson caused physical injury to his girlfriend during the altercation. Thompson had fled the scene and was located and arrested on charges of Assault 3rd and Assault 4th. Thompson was transported and remanded to Wildwood Pretrial where he is currently being held without bail.    



    Posted on 11/4/2019 12:19:41 AM by DPS\jawoodruff

  • AK19075970

    Location: Kenai
    Type: DWLR

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/04/2019 at 2308 hours, AST contacted a white 2002 Mazda for a moving violation on the Kenai Spure Highway. The driver was identified as Joseph Mesa age 28 of Nikiski. Investigation revealed Mesa was driving while his license was revoked for points in 2016. Mesa was issued a misdemeanor citation. The vehicle was released to a responsible party.


    Posted on 11/4/2019 1:16:02 AM by DPS\jbbarker

  • AK19075969

    Location: Kenai, AK
    Type: Violation of Conditions of Release

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/3/2019 at approximately 2325 hours, Alaska State Troopers had contact with Kiana Cheyenne Edgmon, age 23 of Nikiski.  Investigation revealed she was in violation of her conditions of release for a pending DUI as well as multiple Misconduct Involving Controlled Substance charges.  She was arrested for Violation of Conditions of Release and remanded at Wildwood Pretrial Facility.  She was held with no bail pending arraignment.

    Posted on 11/4/2019 3:18:14 AM by DPS\mjwertanen

B Detachment

  • AK19075981

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: DUI/ Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/04/2019 at 0200 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the area of Schrock Road for the report of a vehicle in the ditch. Investigation revealed, Stefan MacDougall age 39 of Wasilla, was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, MacDougall had an outstanding warrant for No Insurance. MacDougall was arrested for DUI and the warrant. MacDougall was transported and remanded at Mat-Su Pretrial where he is held on $100 bail.  




    Posted on 11/4/2019 5:08:29 AM by DPS\mdbarela

C Detachment

  • AK19068687

    Location: Quinhagak
    Type: Death Investigation

    Dispatch Text:

    On 10-3-19 at about 1930 hours, Alaska State Troopers in Bethel received a report of an assault in the village of Quinhagak. It was reported Frank Nelson, 28, of Quinhagak assaulted Jesse Britton, 53, of Quinhagak. Britton was taken by medevac to Bethel then to Anchorage. Nelson was arrested for Assault 1, Assault 2 and Assault 3. On 11-1-19 at about 1226 hours, Troopers were notified by the SMEO that Britton succumbed to his injuries while at ANMC. The DA has been notified.

    Posted on 11/4/2019 3:16:55 PM by DPS\kemarsh

  • AK19076203

    Location: Kodiak
    Type: Theft from yards

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/4/2019 the Alaska State Troopers received a report of a stolen bike from 3478 Puffin Dr. in Kodiak. The bicycle was described as a men's grey and black Specialized brand worth $500. The bike was stolen between 11/1/2019 and 11/2/2019. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Alaska State Troopers at 486-4121 

    Posted on 11/4/2019 5:26:50 PM by DPS\drblizzard

D Detachment

  • AK19075983

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: DUI/Assault 4/VCOR

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11-4-19 at approximately 0334 hours, Troopers were contacted about a disturbance on Knightsbridge Road in Fairbanks.  Prior to Troopers arriving, the male suspect left the scene in a vehicle.  Troopers were able to locate the vehicle and initiate a traffic stop.  Troopers contacted the driver of the vehicle Joseph Zamora, 33 of Fairbanks.  Subsequent investigation revealed Joseph was driving a vehicle while intoxicated, had caused physical injury to a family member, and was in violation of court ordered conditions of release in a previous court case.  Joseph was arrested for DUI, Assault 4 (DV), and four counts of VCOR.  Joseph was remanded to FCC where he was held without bail pending arraignment.  

    Posted on 11/4/2019 6:13:02 AM by DPS\nmsailer

  • AK19075662

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: Warrant Arrest/MICS 4/Promoting Contraband

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11-2-19 at approximately 0710 hours, Troopers arrested Kenneth Ross, 34 of Fairbanks, on an outstanding arrest warrant.  While being booked in FCC, corrections staff located a substance concealed on Kenneth's person.  The substance tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine. Kenneth was remanded on his warrant, MICS 4, and Promoting Contraband 1st.  

    Posted on 11/4/2019 6:18:36 AM by DPS\nmsailer

  • AK19075832

    Location: Steese Highway, Fairbanks
    Type: Felony Eluding, Reckless Driving, DUI, & Assault 3rd

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/03/2019 at 0451 hours the Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks received a report about a Dodge Charger in the ditch on the Steese Highway near CHSR.  AST responded and located the Charger as it was traveling southbound in the northbound lane.  After a 2 mile pursuit the Charger stopped and AST contacted Robert Marcinkowski, age 28 of Fairbanks.  Investigation determined Marcinkowski was Driving Under the Influence of drugs.  Marcinkowski was arrested and remanded to Fairbanks Correctional Center for Failure to Stop at Direction of a Peace Officer (Felony), Reckless Driving, DUI, and Assault 3rd.  Marcinkowski was held at FCC without bail pending arraignment.

    Posted on 11/4/2019 7:46:26 AM by DPS\dwbozman

  • AK19075793

    Location: North Pole
    Type: MVC-D

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/02/2019 at 2227 hours the Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks responded to a single car accident at the intersection of Bradway Road and Dennis Road.  Investigation determined Edmond Harvey, age 75 from North Pole failed to stop at a stop sign, went through the intersection, and collided with a concrete parking barrier.  Harvey was issued a citation for Basic Speed due to driving too fast for conditions.  Harvey was not injured and the vehicle suffered disabling damage.

    Posted on 11/4/2019 7:50:47 AM by DPS\dwbozman

  • AK19076098

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: Body Recovery

    Dispatch Text:

    On 11/4/2019 Fairbanks troopers received a report of an overdue hiker near Mile 49 Chena Hot Springs Road. The hiker was identified as Jarred Allen, 26, of Soldotna, who was scheduled to return from his hike on 11/3/2019.  State Parks Rangers went to the area and located Allen deceased. Helo 2 responded to recover the body. Cause of death is believed to be hypothermia; no foul play is suspected at this time. The State Medical Examiner’s Office has requested the body for autopsy.

    Posted on 11/4/2019 8:48:23 PM by DPS\ltbruce

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AK Wildlife Troopers

  • AK19076155

    Location: Prince of Wales Island
    Type: Reporting Requirement and Permit violations

    Dispatch Text:

    On 10/24/19, Alaska Wildlife Troopers on Prince of Wales Island were notified by ADF&G of an issue with several overdue commercial shrimp tickets from the FV Angie Lee. Investigation into the matter revealed that the captain of the FV Angie Lee was Travis Hagen, age 29 of Craig. Hagen had been processing his catch by boxing and freezing his shrimp without the required catcher-processor permit. Hagen had also not been completing shrimp tickets as required by regulation. Hagen was issued two Alaska Uniform Citations for the violations.


    Posted on 11/4/2019 2:48:42 PM by DPS\bamank

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