Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Friday, December 6, 2019

Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

A Detachment

  • AK19085850

    Location: Kenai
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On December 5th, 2019 at approximately 2345 hours, the Alaska State Troopers responded to a residence on Treasure Chest Avenue, Kenai to attempt to contact a subject with an active warrant. While on scene a subject fled into the woods. The subject, Travis Lindley, age 19 of Soldonta, was contacted at a nearby residence. Lindley was not the original subject AST was attempting to contact. Investigation revealed Lindley had an active warrant for FTC with conditions of probation for the original charge of PTRP. Lindley was arrested for the warrant. Lindley was transported to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility where he was remanded and held on $1000.00 bail. 

    Posted on 12/6/2019 5:00:47 AM by DPS\asgault

  • AK19080837

    Location: Sterling
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/5/19 at approximately 1300 hours the Alaska State Troopers responded to an address on Grove Ave for a tip on the whereabouts of Sheena Cundiff who had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for failing to appear for an omnibus hearing for an original charge of Forgery 1st Degree. Cundiff was arrested without incident and transported to Wildwood Pretrial where she was remanded on $1500 bail.

    Posted on 12/6/2019 7:59:51 AM by DPS\cdwebb

B Detachment

  • AK19085785

    Location: Big Lake
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/05/2019 at approximately 1640 hours, Alaska State Troopers conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle on W. Big Lake Road in Big Lake.  Investigation revealed that the driver, Brandy Currier, age 26, had a warrant for Failure to Appear on an original charge of Assault IV.  Currier was arrested and remanded to Mat-Su Pretrial Facility on $100 cash bail.  Further, she was cited for an equipment violation, expired registration, and driving without liability insurance. 


    Posted on 12/6/2019 9:36:54 AM by DPS\jrpurcell

  • AK19085830

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Attempted Murder x 3, Assault One x 3, Kidnapping x 2, Robbery, MIW 2, Murder of an Unborn Child

    Dispatch Text:

    UPDATE:  As a result of injuries sustained in the assault on 12/05/19, the baby a victim was pregnant with has died. On 12/13/19, a Palmer Grand Jury issued an indictment on Peter Williams, Darin Smith, Andre Franklin, and three additional co-defendants that Alaska State Troopers identified during the days leading up to Grand Jury. The Grand Jury added Murder of an unborn child to the charges. The co-defendants indicted are Abigail V. Thomas, 20; Dhamma Karuna, 42; and Erick Hodgins, 40, all of Anchorage. All have been arrested and remanded into custody.

    On 12/05/19 at 2126 hours, AST received a report of gunshots fired that resulted in injuries in a neighborhood near Hollywood and Sylvan. It was also reported that three men had been seen walking from the scene while holding what appeared to be weapons. AST responded to find three people that had been injured. The injured were transported to Mat-Su Regional hospital for treatment. One of the victims reportedly sustained life threatening injuries. Troopers en route to the incident, made contact with Peter Williams, 32, Darin Smith, 26, and Andre Franklin, 41, walking on an ATV trail off of W. Hollywood Road and S. Vale Avenue, which is in close proximity to the incident. Williams, Smith and Franklin were remanded at Mat-Su Pretrial on no bail status for the following charges: Attempted Murder x 3, Assault One x 3, Kidnapping x 2, Robbery, MIW 2. Investigation Continues.

    Posted on 12/6/2019 9:51:13 AM by DPS\mapeters

  • AK19066864

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: MVC-F

    Dispatch Text:


    On 12/5/19 at approximately 1000 hours, a Grand Jury indictment was delivered for Criminal Negligent Manslaughter on Jacob Rock Moreland, age 22 of Wasilla.  Currently Jacob Rock Moreland has a warrant for his arrest for Criminal Negligent Manslaughter and DUI with no bail.  Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Jacob Moreland are asked to contact the Alaska State Troopers at 907-352-5401. 

    On 09/26/2019 at approximately 1807 hours, Alaska State Troopers were notified of a two vehicle collision near the intersection of Lamont Way and Tweed Ct. in Wasilla.  AST and EMS responded to the scene. Initial investigation found Jacob Moreland (age 22 of Wasilla) was operating a 2005 Chevrolet pickup truck and struck the driver’s side of a 2006 Dodge pickup truck operated by Dallas Massie (age 72 of Wasilla).  Both drivers were transported by ground ambulance to a local area hospital. Moreland sustained non-life threatening injures.  Massie did not survive the injuries sustained in the collision.  Next of kin have been notified. Investigation into the incident continues.

    Posted on 9/27/2019 8:41:29 AM by DPS\aagorn . Edited on 12/6/2019 4:03:54 PM by DPS\dlherrell

  • AK19085795

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Death Investigation

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/05/2019 at about 1651hours, the Alaska State Troopers were notified of a CPR in progress call at a residence located at 3830 S. Lansing Rd in Wasilla. Despite the family and medics best efforts, they were unable to revive 23 year old Hannah Loftus. Loftus was pronounced dead at 1719 hours at the scene. A member of the Clergy responded at the family’s request. The Alaska State Medical Examiner responded and transported Loftus’ remains to Anchorage for examination. Cause of death is not yet known, initial investigation indicates natural causes. Next of kin were on scene and were notified. 

    Posted on 12/6/2019 7:09:00 PM by DPS\jmkurth

C Detachment

  • AK19085873

    Location: Elim
    Type: Assault 3 X2

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/6/2019 at 0730 hours, Alaska State Troopers received a report of an assault in Elim. Investigation revealed 31 YOA Arnold Saccheus had recklessly caused physical injury to a family member, and placed another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument. Arnold was charged with two counts of Assault in the Third Degree and transported to AMCC where he was held on no bail pending arraignments.


    Posted on 12/6/2019 11:17:40 AM by DPS\omnolywaika

  • AK19085709

    Location: Aniak
    Type: Probation Violation

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/5/2019 at about 1433 hours, the Aniak based Alaska State Troopers, arrested Ignattie Sakar (30 yoa of Crooked Creek) for violating his probation by consuming alcohol.  Ignattie was transported to Bethel and remanded at YKCC.

    Posted on 12/6/2019 1:35:59 PM by DPS\amwiles

D Detachment

  • AK19085482

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: DUI

    Dispatch Text:

    On November 5, 2019 at approximately 0713 hours, Fairbanks AST received a report of a male passed out in a vehicle in the Ballaine Rd. area.  Alaska State Troopers responded and found William LaFountain (age 24 of Fairbanks) in the driver seat of his running 2018 Subaru.  LaFountain was found laying across his center console and had to be woken up.  Investigation revealed LaFountian was under the influence of alcohol.  Investigation revealed LaFountain had a BrAC of .088.  LaFountain was arrested and remanded to Fairbanks Correctional Center on the charge of DUI.


    Posted on 12/6/2019 6:47:12 AM by DPS\wdderner

  • AK19085279

    Location: Venetie
    Type: Endangering the Welfare of a Child 1st Degree

    Dispatch Text:

    On 12/3/19, the Alaska State Troopers received a request for a welfare check on two children in the Village of Venetie. The request was based off of information received that two children arrived at a community members house suffering from cold injuries. The temperature in Venetie at the time was -31F. Troopers chartered an aircraft to the village. Julie Peter, 37 years old of Venetie, was arrested on one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the First Degree as a result of the investigation which revealed she deserted a five year old and 18 month old in her home with no adult supervision. The five year old became scared when the power went out and carried the 18 month old approximately ½ mile while dressed in socks and light clothing to the neighbor’s house. Both children received cold related injures. Julie Peter was booked into the Fairbanks Correctional Center on her charge.

    Posted on 12/6/2019 10:08:44 AM by DPS\jmmoore

  • AK19083581

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On December 6, 2019 at approximately 1510 hours, AST contacted Ruby Sullivan, age 33 of Fairbanks, while conducting a welfare check. Investigation revealed Sullivan had an active arrest warrant for Failure to Appear with the original charge of Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances in the Fifth Degree. Sullivan was remanded to FCC on her warrant where she was held on $250 bail.

    Posted on 12/6/2019 4:19:38 PM by DPS\ksmayfield

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