Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

A Detachment

  • AK18032872

    Location: Ketchikan
    Type: Warrant Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On May 15th, 2018 Alaska State Troopers contacted 24 year old Ian Rud during a traffic stop near 10.5 mile North Tongass Highway for an ATV on the bike path. During the contact troopers learned a $100 City of Ketchikan arrest warrant had been issued for Rud on an unrelated matter. Rud was transported and remanded to KCC without incident.

    Author:  GEW1


    Posted on 5/16/2018 9:55:32 AM by DPS\gewebb

B Detachment

  • AK18031678

    Location: Willow
    Type: Trespassing; Theft; Vehicle Theft; Criminal Mischief

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/12/18 at 0930 hours, AST investigated the report of a stolen red 50cc Honda dirt bike from a property on Willow Station Road in Willow. The victim utilized a local social media website to inform citizens to be on the lookout for the bike. On 05/14/18 at 2000 hours, a Willow local observed the bike near mile 72 of the Parks Hwy and it was later recovered on Willow-Fishhook Road. Investigation revealed a 14 year old male stole the bike and caused over $500 in damage to it. The incident is being forwarded to the Palmer Juvenile Justice Department for review.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 6:10:34 PM by DPS\lephillips

  • AK18032662

    Location: Willow
    Type: Agency Assist; Warrant arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/16/18 at 1230 hours, AST performed a traffic stop on a black 2005 Audi for speeding near mile 84 of the Parks Highway in Willow. AST contacted passenger Theandrea Luster, age 19 of Anchorage, in the vehicle who was not wearing a seat belt. Investigation revealed Luster had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for FTA to arraignment for the O/C of Misconduct Involving Weapons in the 5th Degree. Further investigation revealed Luster was a suspect in an assault the previous evening in Fairbanks. Fairbanks Police Department requested Luster be arrested for the original charge of Assault in the 4th Degree (DV). Luster was transported to the MSPT facility in Palmer where he was remanded into custody and held without bail.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 6:28:31 PM by DPS\lephillips

  • AK18032706

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Disturbance/SAR

    Dispatch Text:

    Update: On 5/16/2018 at approximately 2115 hours, Hoover surrendered to Troopers and was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for cold weather-related injuries. Following his discharge from the hospital, Hoover was transported and remanded to Mat-Su Pretrial.

    On 05/16/18 at approximately 1418 hrs AST received a report of a disturbance at a residence on Knik Goose Bay in Wasilla. The complainant reported she was evicting a tenant Jeremiah Hoover, aged 38 of Wasilla, and Hoover was causing a disturbance. AST was aware Hoover was violating conditions of release by being at the residence. AST attempted to contact Hoover but he fled to the rear of the property in his truck. Hoover abandoned the truck and was tracked by a K9. Upon contact by the K9 Hoover shed his clothes and walked naked out onto the mud flats. AST Helo, EMS, and fire rescue responded to the scene and water rescue was put on standby. Numerous attempts were made to contact and apprehend Hoover but were unsuccessful. Due to safety concerns efforts to contact Hoover were abandoned. Hoover was last seen walking on the grassy area near the mud flats. Charges will be forwarded to the DAO.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 7:56:30 PM by DPS\mtshelley

  • AK18032501

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Assault 4 (DV)

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5/15/2018 at approximately 1851 hours, Alaska State Troopers received a report of an assault near Territorial Drive in Wasilla.  Further investigation revealed that James Anderson, age 33 of Wasilla, assaulted a family member.  James was arrested and charged with Assault in the 4th (DV).  James was transported and remanded to Matsu Pretrial where he is being held without bail.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 4:38:56 AM by DPS\swcorino

  • AK18032004

    Location: Palmer
    Type: Death Investigation

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/13/2018, at approximately 2027 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to an address on Kettle Drive in Palmer for call of a deceased person.  Investigation revealed that Idalia Knight, age 92 of the U.S. Virgin Islands, had died at the residence.  There were no signs of foul play and the death was determined to be from natural causes.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 5:48:28 AM by DPS\csmarkiewicz

  • AK18032253

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Theft/Criminal Trespass

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/14/2018, at approximately 1906 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the vicinity of Jess Circle in Wasilla for a report of a theft.  Investigation revealed that a suspect was caught siphoning fuel from a vehicle on the property.  The suspect left the area prior to AST arrival.  Anyone having information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Alaska State Troopers or MATSU Crimestoppers at 745-3333.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 5:49:32 AM by DPS\csmarkiewicz

  • AK18032276

    Location: Big Lake
    Type: Theft

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/14/2018, at approximately 2127 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the vicinity of Big Lake Road and Hollywood Road for a report of a theft.  Investigation revealed that suspects stole a gumball machine from the location and fled prior to AST arrival.  Anyone having information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Alaska State Troopers or MATSU Crimestoppers at 745-3333.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 5:50:29 AM by DPS\csmarkiewicz

  • AK18032521

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Assault (DV)

    Dispatch Text:

    05/15/2018, at approximately 2035 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the vicinity of Gon Fishin Drive in Wasilla for a report of a disturbance.  Investigation revealed that Autumn Keene, age 35 of Wasilla, had assaulted a resident at that location.  Keene was arrested and transported to the MATSU Pre-Trial Facility where she was remanded without bail.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 5:52:44 AM by DPS\csmarkiewicz

  • AK18032282

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: DUI/REDDI

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/14/2018, at approximately 2138 hours, Alaska State Troopers responded to the vicinity of Settler’s Bay for a report of a REDDI that had gone into a ditch.  Investigation revealed that Robert Pitka, age 36 of Wasilla, had been driving while intoxicated.  Pitka was arrested and transported to the MATSU Pre-Trial Facility where he was remanded and released on his own recognizance.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 5:56:04 AM by DPS\csmarkiewicz

C Detachment ...No news reported.

D Detachment

  • AK18032566

    Location: Fairbanks
    Type: Violate License Restriction

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/16/18 at approximately 0305 hours, Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation on a black Chrysler 300 on the Richardson Highway at the Badger Road on ramp. Investigation revealed Simeon Swetzof III, age 41 of Fairbanks, was operating the vehicle in violation of a restriction on his driver’s license. Swetzof was issued a summons for A.S. 28.15.121(d) Drive In Violation Of Restricted License.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 6:41:53 AM by DPS\bjhibbs

  • AK18032543

    Location: North Pole
    Type: REDDI / DUI

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05-15-18 at approximately 2207 hours, Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks received a REDDI Report of a silver Ford Focus serving into oncoming traffic and almost causing a collision at the Badger Gas in North Pole. AST conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Investigation revealed Anna Sochocki, age 39 of North Pole, was operating the vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Sochocki was arrested on one (1) count DUI - A.S. 28.35.030(a)(2) and remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Facility.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 7:58:12 AM by DPS\bjhibbs

E Detachment

  • AK18032289

    Location: Nikiski, AK
    Type: Eluding 1st, Assault 3rd / Hindering Prosecution 1st

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5/14/2018 at approximately 2335 hours, Alaska State Troopers attempted stopping a gold 1990 Subaru car for traffic violations near milepost 21 Kenai Spur Road.  It failed to stop and a vehicle pursuit ensued.  The vehicle drove recklessly, at one point crashing into the ditch.  It ultimately evaded troopers.  The driver was later identified as Cody Dean Scroggins, age 24 of Nikiski, who had an outstanding arrest warrant for Robbery 1st, Theft 2nd and Assault 4th.  On 5/15/2018, Scroggins was arrested for Fail Stop at the Direction of a Peace Officer 1st and Assault 3rd - Domestic Violence, for placing his passenger in fear of serious physical injury by his manner of driving during the pursuit.  He was remanded at Wildwood Pretrial Facility and held with no bail pending arraignment.  Holli Ann Driver, age 23 of Nikiski, was also contacted and arrested for Hindering Prosecution 1st, for providing aid to Scroggins while he was evading arrest for the warrants.  She was remanded at Wildwood Pretrial Facility as well and held with no bail pending arraignment.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 1:00:04 AM by DPS\mjwertanen

  • AK18032533

    Location: Nikiski, AK
    Type: Drive in Violation of Instruction Permit

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5/15/2018 at approximately 2132 hours, Alaska State Troopers stopped a white 1990 Ford car near milepost 20 Kenai Spur Road for an equipment violation.  Kurry Hull, age 21 of Nikiski, was identified as the driver.  Investigation revealed he was driving the car while in violation of the conditions of his instructional permit.  He was issued a misdemeanor citation for Drive in Violation of Instruction Permit.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 1:19:05 AM by DPS\mjwertanen

Headquarters ...No news reported.

AK Wildlife Troopers

  • AK18032487

    Location: Cordova
    Type: No PFD, child under 13

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5-15-18 at approximately 1700 hours Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted Jeffrey Chappell, age 31 of Cordova who was operating a vessel in Cordova harbor. A child under the age of 13 was observed on the open deck of the vessel without a life jacket. Chappell was issued a citation and provided with PFD safety information. Chappell was given a warning for not having current boat registration stickers displayed.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 10:08:36 AM by DPS\bpendres

  • AK18032591

    Location: Cordova, AK
    Type: Boater safety

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5/15/2018 Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted Rusty Higgins, age 54 from Cordova operating a Commercial fishing vessel in the waters of Cordova. Investigation revealed Higgins had his 13-year-old daughter on the exterior of the vessel without a personal flotation device, Higgins was issued a citation with a bail set of $110.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 10:15:36 AM by DPS\cejaime

  • AK18032315

    Location: Petersburg
    Type: Gear Requirements for Crab

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5-10-18, Donald Spigelmyre, age 46 of Petersburg was cited by Alaska Wildlife Troopers for not have the proper escape mechanism on his personal use crab gear.  Bail is set at $110 in the Petersburg District Court.

    Author: CDL0

    Posted on 5/16/2018 2:19:29 PM by DPS\rkwelch

  • AK18029924

    Location: Wrangell
    Type: Fail to Return Hunt Permit

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/16/2018 Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Wrangell Post, cited Kevin Skeek, age 35 from Wrangell.  Skeek was issued a $110 citation in the District Court in Wrangell for Failure to Return his RB077, Brown Bear permit to ADF&G as required.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 2:23:09 PM by DPS\rkwelch

  • AK18032357

    Location: Wrangell
    Type: Commercial Fishing Closed Waters

    Dispatch Text:

    On 05/15/2018 at 0714 hours Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Wrangell Post observed the F/V Astri (ADF&G 43253) operating commercial salmon troll gear in an area of Anita Bay which was closed to all fishing.  The F/V Astri was more than 1 mile from the open area of Anita Bay open to fishing.  Jeffrey Soles, age 51 from Wrangell was issued a summons for a mandatory court appearance in the District Court at Wrangell for Commercial Fishing Closed Waters.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 2:26:20 PM by DPS\rkwelch

  • AK18032054

    Location: Togiak Bay
    Type: Commercial Fishing Violation

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5/10/18, Alaska Wildlife Troopers Dillingham Post cited Daniel Odonnell, age 53, of Illinois for working as a crewmember aboard a trawler vessel near Togiak when he did not have a valid 2018 commercial crewmember license in his possession.  The operator of the vessel, Scott Jensen, age 46, of Washington was cited for employing the unlicensed crewmember.  Bail was set at $260.00 for each in the Dillingham District Court.


    Posted on 5/16/2018 3:21:34 PM by DPS\jdwittkop

  • AK18032398

    Location: Petersburg
    Type: No CFEC Card

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5-15-18, Joseph Short, age 58 of Petersburg was issued a summons to appear in Petersburg District Court.  Short is the captain and permit holder aboard the F/V Kaleigh Ann.  Short was cited for landing federally caught sablefish without the proper CFEC permit.  Arraignment is set in the Petersburg District Court.

    Author: CDL0

    Posted on 5/16/2018 3:52:44 PM by DPS\rkwelch

  • AK18027774

    Location: Petersburg
    Type: Commercial King Crab Violations

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5-16-18 Kory Versteeg, age 34 of Petersburg was issued several summons by Alaska Wildlife Troopers. Versteeg, the captain and Golden King Crab permit holder aboard the F/V Guardian was charged for unlawful buoy marking, pot tag violations  and escape ring violations.  Arraignment is set for June 13th in the Wrangell District Court.

    Author: CDL0

    Posted on 5/16/2018 3:54:02 PM by DPS\rkwelch

  • AK18032463

    Location: Cordova
    Type: Failure to record subsistence catch

    Dispatch Text:

    On 5-15-18 at approximately 1600 hours Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Cordova contacted Petr Reutov age 24 of Sterling who was operating a vessel in the Cordova subsistence salmon fishery. Investigation revealed Reutov failed to mark his subsistence catch and failed to record the catch on his permit. Reutov was issued a citation for failure to record his catch and given a warning for failure to mark the fish. Reutov was subsequently observed by AWT driving a vehicle and was issued a citation for driving with a cancelled license.

    Posted on 5/16/2018 9:50:01 AM by DPS\bpendres

AK Bureau of Investigation ...No news reported.

AK Bureau of Highway Patrol

  • AK18031742

    Location: Whittier
    Type: Fatal Aircraft crash

    Dispatch Text:

    Update: The Pilot has been positively identified as Brett Andrews age 31 of Anchorage by the State Medical Examiner's Office.

    Update: During the morning hours of 5-13-18, DPS Helo 3 and AMRG responded to the crash site and successfully recovered the remains of the pilot. The remains have been released to the State Medical Examiner’s Office and next of kin has been notified.

    Photos of the site can be found at:;.aspx;.aspx

    On 5-12-18 at approximately 1130 hours, RCC notified AST of an ELT activation in the Whittier area.   Due to weather in the area the search was hampered, however RCC and Coast Guard Helicopters were able to locate a plane crash and confirmed the sole occupant was deceased.   AST Helo and members of the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group are currently working to gain access to the crash site and recover the pilot.   Positive identification of the pilot has not been confirmed. 

    Posted on 5/13/2018 10:15:04 AM by DPS\klshuey . Edited on 5/16/2018 9:18:26 PM by DPS\tjdespain

AK Bureau of Judicial Services ...No news reported.

AK Div of Fire and Life Safety ...No news reported.