Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Saturday, September 29, 2018

Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

A Detachment ...No news reported.

B Detachment

  • AK18070648

    Location: Wasilla
    Type: Assault IV (DV), Interfering with a report of DV, DC and Resisting Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 9/28/18 at approximately 2237 hours, the Alaska State Troopers responded to a residence on W Angela Dr. in Wasilla for a report of a disturbance. Investigation revealed Track Palin, age 29, of Wasilla, assaulted an acquaintance at his residence. When the acquaintance attempted to call authorities, he prevented her by taking away her phone. While being placed under arrest, Palin physically resisted troopers. Palin was arrested for Assault IV (DV), Interfering with Report of a DV, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. Palin was remanded to MSPT where he was held without bail.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 2:33:45 AM by DPS\clrussell

C Detachment

  • AK18070825

    Location: Kodiak, AK
    Type: Theft 3

    Dispatch Text:

    On 09/29/18, Kodiak AST took a report of a stolen North Face tent from Ft. Abercrombie. It was described as being a yellow and blue tent with a matching rainfly. This is the second incident within the past two weeks of vandalism or theft at Ft. Abercrombie. If you plan on camping, please secure your items if your able to. As for the tent theft, if anyone has any information, please call Kodiak AST.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 10:36:27 PM by DPS\ajwill

  • AK18070631

    Location: Kodiak, AK
    Type: Reckless driving, reckless endangerment x 2, Assault 3rd x 2, leaving scene of accident and failure to report accident

    Dispatch Text:

    On 09/28/18 at approximately 2030 hours, Kodiak AST responded to a three vehicle accident near Sergeant Creek in Bells Flats. Subsequent investigation revealed 29 year old Kodiak resident, Paul McCabe drove a vehicle in a reckless manner, striking two other vehicles and ended up in the ditch. After the crash, McCabe immediately fled the scene on foot and was not able to be located.

    On 09/29/18, McCabe came to the Kodiak Trooper station and was interviewed.  It was decided the case would be sent over to the Kodiak DAO for review with the above charges.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 9:05:55 PM by DPS\ajwill

  • AK18069566

    Location: New Stuyahok
    Type: DV Assault in the 4th Degree

    Dispatch Text:

    On September 25th, 2018 at approximately 1030 hours, the Alaska State Troopers received a report from the VPSO in the village of New Stuyahok in regards to a report of a domestic violence disturbance. Subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of Dawson Andrew, age 19 of New Stuyahok, for one count of DV Assault in the 4th Degree. Dawson was transported to the Dillingham Jail for remand.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 3:31:02 PM by DPS\jshilario

  • AK18070335

    Location: New Stuyahok
    Type: Minor Consuming Alcohol

    Dispatch Text:

    On September 12th, 2018 at approximately 2214 hours, the Alaska State Troopers received a report from the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) in New Stuyahok about a party where there were underage individuals drinking. Subsequent investigation resulted in Kara Andrew, age 19 of New Stuyahok, receiving a citation for one count of Minor Consuming Alcohol (MCA). Kara showed a breath alcohol content (BrAC) of .048 on a portable breath test (PBT).

    Posted on 9/29/2018 3:46:22 PM by DPS\jshilario

  • AK18070654

    Location: Dillingham
    Type: Burglary 1, Assault 2, Assault 3, Resisting Arrest

    Dispatch Text:

    On 9/28/18 at approximately 2310 hours, Dillingham AST received a report that a man had forced his way into a residence in Aleknagik and assaulted an adult female by hitting her, kicking her, and hitting her in the head with the blunt side of a splitting maul. Investigation revealed the identity of that man to be Zackariah Huffman, age 34 of Dillingham. Huffman and 3 others he was with left the residence and were later contacted by Dillingham Police and Alaska State Troopers. Investigation further revealed Huffman also physically assaulted two family members by punching and pushing them. Huffman was arrested for Burglary 1, Assault 2, 3 counts of Assault 3, and Resisting Arrest.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 1:58:46 PM by SOA\mrhenry

D Detachment

  • AK18070758

    Location: North Pole
    Type: Warrant Arrest/MICS II

    Dispatch Text:

    On September 29, 2018 AST contacted Abdul Adepoju  age 32 at a residence in North Pole.  A check through APSIN revealed Adepoju had two outstanding no bail arrest warrants for felony probation violation.  Adepoju was placed under arrest on his warrants.  Following his arrest Adepoju was found to be in possession of 34 grams of methamphetamine, 10 grams of cocaine, and 15 grams of heroin.  Adepoju was remanded to FCC where he was held without bail on his warrants as well as the additional charges of misconduct involving a controlled substance x3, resisting arrest, and tampering with physical evidence.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 9:29:16 PM by DPS\smcafee

E Detachment

  • AK18070724

    Location: Carter Lake
    Type: Search and Rescue

    Dispatch Text:

    On 9/29/18 at approximately 1208 hours, Soldotna Public Safety Communications Center received notification via an in reach device about two individuals in distress above Carter Lake. The pair were hunting in the area and shot a bear above them on a ridge. The bear rolled down the slope dislodging rocks in the process. One hunter, identified as William McCormick, age 28 out of JBER, was injured when he was struck by both a rock and the bear. His hunting partner, Zachary Tennyson, age 19 of JBER, was uninjured. Alaska State Troopers, Bear Creek Fire Department, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department, and Lifemed all responded to the scene. McCormick was hand carried to a Lifemed helicopter and transported to Anchorage Providence with life threatening injuries.  

    Posted on 9/29/2018 8:25:19 PM by DPS\mazweifel

Headquarters ...No news reported.

AK Wildlife Troopers

  • AK18070430

    Location: Cantwell
    Type: Illegal Use of a Firearm in Denali State Park

    Dispatch Text:

    On 09/28/18 at 1111 hours, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Cantwell Post, issued a citation to Bret A. Styers, 35 yoa of Wasilla, on the Parks Highway near Cantwell for Illegal Use of a Firearm in Denali State Park. At 1006 hours, Fairbanks Dispatch received a report from a pedestrian at mile 164 of the Parks Highway, inside the Denali State Park boundaries (miles 132-170), that a passerby, who appeared to be a hunter, shot in the pedestrian’s direction, possibly mistaking the pedestrian, who was wearing a brown coat, for game. A BOLO was issued for the suspect vehicle which Troopers contacted at mile 200 near Cantwell. An investigation revealed Styers, the driver of the suspect vehicle, was grouse hunting in the State Park and was shooting at a roadside grouse at the same time the pedestrian was in the area. The pedestrian was not hit or injured, just startled. The investigation revealed Styers had harvested 5 grouse using a shotgun from the Parks Highway Roadside, within ¼ mile of the highway, while inside the Denali State Park boundaries, in violation. A fine was set at $310 and the illegally harvested grouse were seized and donated to charity.


    Posted on 9/29/2018 10:42:53 AM by DPS\sdsands

  • AK18069681

    Location: 256 Parks Highway - Healy
    Type: No Evidence of Sex Attached - Bull Moose

    Dispatch Text:

    On 09/25/18 at approximately 1533 hours, a Fairbanks-based Alaska Wildlife Trooper contacted Kraig Thometz, age 57 of Anchorage during a traffic stop for an equipment violation. Investigation revealed Thometz failed to leave the evidence of sex attached to the bull moose he harvested a few days prior from GMU25B. Thometz was issued a citation with bail set at $160 in the Nenana District Court for the violation.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 2:19:52 PM by DPS\dgvalentine

  • AK18069560

    Location: Mile 249 Park Highway - Healy
    Type: Feeding Game - Moose

    Dispatch Text:

    On 09/25/18 at approximately 1201 hours, a Fairbanks-based Alaska Wildlife Trooper contacted Jeri Lucier, age 59 of Healy, reference a complaint of a dead calf moose in her yard. Investigation revealed Lucier had been feeding the calf moose recently. It died in her yard. Lucier was issued a citation for feeding the moose with bail set at $310 in the Nenana District Court for the violation. The moose was donated to a charity.

    Posted on 9/29/2018 2:21:18 PM by DPS\dgvalentine

AK Bureau of Investigation ...No news reported.

AK Bureau of Highway Patrol ...No news reported.

AK Bureau of Judicial Services ...No news reported.

AK Div of Fire and Life Safety ...No news reported.