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Halfway Stats for National Anti-DUI Campaign

The goal is to encourage motorists to “use good judgment and get home alive”
August 30, 2021 (ANCHORAGE) – During the first half of the 18-day campaign, Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers have been patrolling Alaska’s roadways looking for intoxicated and dangerous drivers. This year the high visibility enforcement effort runs from Aug. 18 through Sept. 7 and is designed to discourage impaired drivers from hitting the highways. If you have consumed anything that could impair your ability to drive any motorized vehicle, please stay out of the driver’s seat.
AST stats for the period 8/18/2021 through 8/27/2021.
- 7 misdemeanor DUI arrests, 2 felony DUI Arrests
- 12 drivers charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license.
- 2 REDDIs reported with 2 drivers contacted and ultimately determined not to be DUI
- 31 damage only crashes, 5 injury crashes, and 0 fatal collisions were investigated by troopers
- Of the 354 citations issued, 202 were issued for speeding and 4 issued for seatbelt or other occupant restraint violations
Alaskans can help keep our roadways safe by not driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana
or any other substance that can cause impairment or drowsiness. Additionally, motorists
witnessing others driving dangerously are encouraged to make a REDDI report (Report Every
Dangerous Driver Immediately) by calling 911. To learn more about REDDI, visit
Funding for this increased highway patrol effort come from the National DUI High Visibility Enforcement Campaign with funds issued through the Alaska Highway Safety Office.