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Department of Public Safety Urges Fireworks Safety Over July 4th Holiday

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Due to high fire danger across the state, residents are urged to exercise extreme caution when using fireworks over the July 4th holiday. Those wanting to use fireworks as a part of holiday festivities should check with local authorities to make sure doing so is legal in your geographic region.
Those using fireworks in areas where they are permitted should take into account the following general guidelines:
  • Ensure they are deployed in a safe space and manner that will not cause damage to persons or property.
  • Have water and/or a fire extinguisher immediately available.
  • Have a responsible, sober adult on site at all times, and be respectful to your neighbors.
Due to heightened fire danger in Houston, Alaska, several types of fireworks have been voluntarily suspended from sale and use, including; Roman candles, parachute-style fireworks with flares or smoke, helicopter-style fireworks, and Saturn batteries and similar products.
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Troopers Ramp Up Patrols for Independence Day Holiday

June 29, 2018 ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Troopers will have extra patrols on the roadways and waterways to help ensure people safely enjoy the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Alaska State Troopers will mostly be out on the roads enforcing traffic laws and responding to calls for service while Alaska Wildlife Troopers will focus on contacting people out fishing or recreating around Alaskan lakes, rivers and seas.


Starting today and running through July 8, Alaska State Troopers will be conducting overtime patrols to keep the traffic influx moving safely up and down the highways. Since highway traffic is expected to be heavy on the Seward and Sterling highways due to numerous events on the Kenai Peninsula, the Alaska State Troopers will be conducting focused patrols in these areas looking for poor driver behaviors like aggressive and distracted driving. Meanwhile, Alaska Wildlife Troopers will focus on fishing enforcement patrols with special emphasis on boating safety laws and boating under the influence this weekend in addition to checking whether people are complying with fishing regulations.


Regardless of what your ultimate plans are for the holiday weekend, Troopers encourage you to always practice safe driving behaviors when getting behind the wheel or handlebars. The first step is by clicking that seat belt or wearing a helmet or life jacket when applicable. And as always, Troopers also encourage everyone to Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately by calling 9-1-1.


Funding for the focused highway enforcement is provided in part by grant sources distributed through the Alaska Highway Safety Office.

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DPS Publishes Statewide Drug Seizure Data

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – For the first time, the Department of Public Safety has developed a dashboard to inform the public on efforts the Alaska State Troopers are taking to stop drug trafficking in the state. Available data includes total seizures made by the Alaska State Troopers’ Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU) by month for the last three months, and all seizures made by the AST K9 units during the month of May. SDEU K9s not only assist the Alaska State Troopers with investigations; they assist other federal, state, and local departments across the state as well.
“For years, the Alaska State Troopers, along with our partner agencies, have been working diligently to get illicit drugs off the streets, and publishing these numbers will allow the people of Alaska to see the results of our hard work,” Commissioner Walt Monegan said. “Prevention remains an important focus in fighting the opioid epidemic; we can’t arrest our way out of this problem, and we encourage Alaskans to seek help if they or one of their friends or loved ones is misusing illicit substances.”
The Drug Seizure Dashboard will be updated around the 20th of each month, providing numbers for the previous month. Substance seizures include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and U.S. currency.
“The Public Safety Action Plan identifies numerous ways the state is working to build a Safer Alaska, and drug interdiction is a key part of that,” Governor Bill Walker said. “These numbers show the success our State Troopers and other law enforcement agencies are having in their ongoing efforts to keep illicit substances off our streets and protect the people of Alaska. I commend them for their work.” Read More