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Alaska Portable Fire Extinguisher Permits

The Alaska State Division of Fire and Life Safety issues Technician I and II permits for the installation, maintenance, and repair of portable fire extinguishers. These fire extinguisher permits are issued under the following program policies in accordance with 13AAC 50.030(h).

Portable Fire Extinguisher Testing Technician I

To schedule a Techncian I exam, contact Life Safety Inspection Bureau at 907-269-5637 or email FE Testing.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Permits

Portable Fire Extinguisher Permits are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. To renew the permit an individual must complete the same examination procedure as required for the initial permit. Permits are non-transferable and shall be in possession of the applicant when engaged in activity for which the permit was issued. Violations of the permit law (13 AAC 50.30 and 13 AAC 55.100) will be subjected to the penalties prescribed in AS 18.70.100. Presently there is no charge for these permits.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Permit Classes

  • Technician I: Annual maintenance, recharge, distribution, and tagging of portable fire extinguishers. General maintenance includes the removal and replacement of parts and/or powder, and any required internal inspections. Maintenance issues are further identified in NFPA 10.

  • Technician II: Inspection, recharge, distribution, maintenance, and hydrostatic testing of portable fire extinguishers. This includes all the elements of Technician I and also the ability to perform hydrostatic tests on the portable units. Maintenance issues are further identified in NFPA 10. Hydrostatic testing issues are further identified in the Compressed Gas Association Manual (C-1 – 2009 – 10th Edition / Section 4).

Fire and Life Safety Regulation Changes for Portable Fire Extinguishers

(h) A person may not inspect, recharge, maintain, or hydrostatic test portable fire extinguishers unless a permit from the state fire marshal has been issued. The following apply to permits under this subsection:

13 AAC 50.030(h)(1) is amended to read:

(1) each applicant for a Class II fire extinguisher permit must pass a written examination given by the state fire marshal in order to qualify for a permit; (2) The Class III Exam was discontinued as of May 2017.

13 AAC 50.030(h)(2) is amended to read:

(2) a permit endorsed with the type of qualification will be issued to each qualified person for Class II and III;

(3) a permit issued under this subsection is presumed to contain the requirement that the applicant carry out the permitted activity in compliance with all the requirements of state statutes and this chapter; a permit is nontransferable; a permit is valid for three years after the date of issue; an infraction of this chapter or prescribed manuals may be cause for revocation of the permit;

(4) Permits are classified and defined as follows:

  • (A) Technician I - annual service, recharge, distribute, tag and maintain portable fire extinguishers;
  • (B) Technician II - annual service, recharge, distribute, tag, maintain, and hydrostatic test extinguishers;

13 AAC 50.030(h)(5):

(5) a permit holder shall place or cause to be placed the holder's permit number on the inspection tag of a portable fire extinguisher to identify the work performed under the permit for Class II and III. Documentation for monthly inspections will consist of the person's signature on the extinguisher on the back of the inspection tag or appropriately documented in accordance with electronic monitoring and inspection methods as adopted by NFPA 10 (2010 edition);

13 AAC 50.030(h) is amended by adding a new paragraph to read:

(6) it is the responsibility of the employer to provide training and documentation to enable the employer’s personnel to conduct monthly inspections and non-invasive maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.