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Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers

Protectors of People and Resources​

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The primary mission of the Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers is to protect Alaska's Natural Resources through the enforcement of wildlife statutes and regulations.

Wildlife troopers in Alaska enforce all laws. In addition to the missions of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, we respond to search and rescues, investigate major crimes, including homicides, and enforce traffic laws.  Many AWT locations are rural, and the wildlife trooper is often the only law enforcement officer at these posts.

Statewide patrol of commercial big game services
Identification of illegal guiding and transporter activities
Statewide commercial fisheries
Reduction of unlawful harvest and sales of wild-stocks​
Statewide sport fish and sport fish guiding
Reduction of illegal harvest and sale of sport fish
Statewide game and trapping
Prevention of waste and illegal harvest
Boating safety
Enforcement and education regarding boating safety
Safeguarding habitat
Reduction of watershed damage and non-compliance of environmental permits