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Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers

Guardians of the Last Frontier: Protecting Alaska's Future



  • Statewide patrol of commercial big game services
    • Identification of illegal guiding and transporter activities
  • Statewide commercial fisheries
    • Reduction of unlawful harvest and sales of wild-stocks
  • Statewide sport fish and sport fish guiding
    • Reduction of illegal harvest and sale of sport fish
  • Statewide game and trapping
    • Prevention of waste and illegal harvest
  • Boating safety
    • Enforcement and education regarding boating safety
  • Safeguarding habitat
    • Reduction of watershed damage and non-compliance of environmental permits

Welcome to the Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers web site. We hope your visit will be both enjoyable and informative. We are very interested in your thoughts so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we will do our best to provide you with any information or assistance we can.

We hope you will check out the rest of our site for more in depth descriptions of our division and the job that we do for our state.

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Public Safety Press Releases

Uniform Crime Report 2018

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Department of Public Safety has released 2017 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data in compliance with federal and state regulations. The FBI assumed responsibility for the... Read More

Illegal Bear Hunt

August 8, 2018 ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Charges have been filed against two Alaskans as the result of an Alaska Wildlife Trooper investigation into illegal hunting practices. Troopers have also... Read More

Wildlife Troopers Continue Fisheries Enforcement

August 6, 2018 ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska Wildlife Troopers are continuing their enforcement and patrol actions at commercial and personal use fisheries across the state. Recent patrol and... Read More