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Please read all of the following before signing up below.

Welcome to the new DPS Roadkill program for the road system. This system replaces ALL old paper applications for the areas listed below. You will be required to use this online system in these areas. You will not automatically be "moved over" into this system. Thank you for your patience with this process.

Do NOT sign up more than once, or sign up again after you get a roadkill, or after a new year. If so,  YOU WILL BE DENIED.

There is no way for us to move people "in line" in this database, so please don't ask us to do so.
There is no way to know where you are on the list, so please don't ask.

What is this program?
In many parts of the state, when a moose is hit by a car or is dispatched, the moose is provided free of charge to charity lists in different areas of the state. You are required to follow salvage and reporting requirements as part of this program.

What are the qualifications for the Roadkill program?
Applicants that fail to comply with any procedure or condition in this program may become disqualified to participate in the program.
  • Any "group" of two or more persons can apply for this program
  • Qualified salvage teams will consist of 2 or more persons 18 years of age or older residing in the geographic area for which you are applying.  Submit one application with information on all persons in that response team.
  • A person may only be on one response team at a time. 
  • One (1) online application per salvage team will be accepted.  The call list will be prioritized by geographical area first and then in the order the applications are received. 
  • You must provide contact telephone number where you, the primary contact person, can be reached. If you are called, and do not answer, your organization will be moved to the end of the list.  If you are called and you refuse or are unable to respond your organization will be moved to the end of the list.  If you are called and agree to respond and fail to arrive on scene or fail to completely salvage and remove the entire animal, you will be removed from the list. 
  • After you submit your application on-line DO NOT CALL the Alaska State Trooper Office, Police Dispatch or Alaska Department of Fish and Game to check on your status.  
  • The animal you are called to recover is the “luck of the draw”.  Please salvage all that you can.  Do not call and ask to be placed at the top of the list because you feel there was not enough meat. 
  • The applicants are responsible to ensure that the entire animal guts and all are removed from the kill site and properly disposed of, no exceptions. Failure to remove all parts may result in a citation for littering and will result in removal from the list.  You will not be eligible to apply the following year. 
  • If the applicant or person salvaging the moose lives in the Mat-Su Valley or Anchorage, they are required to turn in both the 5-inch section of the lower jaw with front teeth and antlers to the nearest ADF& office within 14 days. ANC-Mat-Su ADF&G Specimen Form
  • If the moose is salvaged on the western Kenai Peninsula, the femur, head, and sacrum must be turned into the nearest ADF&G office within 14 days. Kenai ADF&G Specimen Form
  • For those areas that require specimens, failure to turn in required specimens with the properly completed form to ADF&G will result in removal from the list.
It is the salvage team leader's responsibility to make copies and distribute to all your salvage team members the following:
-Policies and procedures required by the program
-Salvage instructions and required Fish & Game form/requirements. 
-The leader of the salvage team is responsible for your members knowing what is required of them.
What parts of the state qualify for this on-line program?
This on-line program is for: Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, Kenai Peninsula, Fairbanks, and most of the interior road system.

Some smaller communities may have this program, but are only accessible offline via local AWT offices. If your community is not on this list above, don't apply on-line. Use this link: AWT Field Office Contacts

What do I do when called?
When called by the Alaska State Troopers / Public Safety Dispatch:
1. You must immediately agree to respond within the required time or refuse. Dispatch will not leave a message  and wait to hear back from you.
2. You have approximately 30 minutes from notification to have someone on scene to meet the officer and take possession of the animal. 
3. Provide the name of the first responder, an estimated time of arrival, and vehicle description.

It is mandatory for all participants to completely remove all animal parts from the kill site including:
  • Head (In the Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, and western Kenai Peninsula only - turn into ADFG with antlers)
  • Hide
  • Rib cage
  • Non-edible meat / bones /hooves/ gut pile
  • Antlers (Turn in to ADFG)  
  • Roadkill bears must be skinned and the hide (with claws and evidence of sex attached) and skull turned into ADF&G.
  • Failure to do so will result in the removal of this program
Each organization is responsible for having enough personnel and equipment at the kill site to remove the animal from the roadside and salvage it completely.  Suggested equipment to use at the scene includes:
  • Winch, Come along or Ropes
  • Trailer, hoist, tow device or sled
  • Flares / amber rotating lights / Strobe light
  • Tarps / Shovels
  • Plastic bags or garbage cans
  • Battery-powered reciprocating saw
Failure to comply with the removal of the animal parts and gut pile will result in a citation being issued for littering to those persons involved and you will be removed from future roadkill call lists.

What can I do with the meat?
Enjoy it of course! It's the best organic meat available!

What not to do:
Alaska Statute 5AAC 92.210   It is unlawful for any person to use game as animal food or bait.
Alaska Statute 5AAC 92.200  It is unlaweful to purchase, sell, advertise, or offer for sale game meat.
Do not leave any animal parts at the incident location.

How do I sign up?
Select the "Sign up now" buttons at the top or bottom of this page.

What do I do if I have questions?
Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley: 
Kenai Peninsula;
Fairbanks/Interior Road System:
Everywhere else in AK: AWT Field Office Contacts
ADFG Regulations: ADF&G Regulations

*DPS may require annual re-application to this program. We will do this via e-mail only, it will be the program participants responsibility to monitor their e-mail and respond accordingly. Failure on your part to re-apply will result in removal from the program.

Your name and contact information may be shared with ADF&G in those areas that require specimens to be returned to ADF&G.

There is no way for us to move people "in line" in this database, so please don't ask us to do so.
There is no way for us to know where you are on the list, so please don't call or ask.