Welcome to the Alaska Department of Public Safety DNA Checker

Under AS 44.41.035 people arrested or convicted of certain crimes are required to submit their DNA to law enforcement. Since the law was enacted in 1995 some people have not provided DNA as required by law, and starting in 2021 Alaska law enforcement agencies have begun efforts to collect this owed DNA.

If you believe that you owe DNA to the State of Alaska, please use the secure tool below to determine if law enforcement is seeking your DNA. Once you have determined that your DNA is owed, please visit your local police department or Alaska State Trooper office during normal business hours to provide your DNA as required by law. Refusing to provide DNA as required by law can be prosecuted as a C felony under AS 11.56.760.

To search please enter your date of birth along with either your state issued driver’s license number, state issued identification card number, or your social security number.

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Our records indicate that a DNA sample is required under Alaska law.

You can submit a DNA sample with your local police department or any Alaska State Troopers post during normal business hours.

We recommend that you call the agency where you are planning on submitting DNA prior to arriving to ensure that they are available.

If you fail to voluntarily provide DNA as required under the law, law enforcement will collect a DNA sample wherever and whenever you are found. Refusing to provide DNA may result in your arrest for a Class C Felony under AS 11.56.760.

Based on the information you provided, our records indicate that a DNA sample is NOT required.