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Walt Monegan,

William H. Comer,
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The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to ensure public safety and enforce fish and wildlife laws. 





Public Safety Press Releases

Fishing Vessel Forfeited to the State for Illegally Taking Salmon

On Jan. 10, 2018, Klawock resident Curtis Demmert was sentenced by the court on Prince of Wales Island for illegal fishing in Southeast Alaska. The court imposed a fine of $32,728.79, ordered 180... Read More

2017 K9 Successes

In 2017, AST increased its number of K9 teams to six. DPS also assisted with training and bringing on board a K9 for the Department of Corrections. The certification all the dogs received is... Read More

Alaska State Troopers Recruitment Unit

It’s no secret that the Department of Public Safety is in need of dedicated public servants to fill the Alaska State Trooper and Alaska Wildlife Trooper ranks. With several dozen current... Read More