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Missing Persons Clearinghouse

The Missing Persons Clearinghouse (MPC) falls under the AST Director's Office and tracks all missing persons cases reported within Alaska. The MPC serves as the central repository for records regarding both juvenile and adult victims and serves as the gateway into various National Missing Persons databases . The MPC manages both hard copy files and several computer-assisted programs that aid in the centralization of Missing Persons Clearinghouse information and information regarding unidentified human remains.       

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The Missing Persons Clearinghouse represents all Alaska police agencies and aspires to meet the needs of each agency by providing the most current and accurate information available regarding missing persons. Clearinghouse personnel are primarily responsible for:

  • Maintaining an intrastate/interstate network of communication to facilitate speedy collection and processing of information regarding missing persons
  • Cooperating with private citizens, local law enforcement agencies and other state and federal agencies in investigations concerning missing persons
  • Providing training and assistance to law enforcement agencies to promote effective use of the Clearinghouse
  • Composing and distributing missing persons bulletins and coordinating media regarding high-profile missing person cases
  • Coordinating efforts to match found bodies or body parts to existing missing persons cases
  • Analyzing missing person trends to detect the possibility of serial criminal cases
  • Acquisition of photographs, fingerprints, dental records, medical records, DNA, and other documentation used to verify identity
  • Assistance with entry of missing persons data and information pertaining to unidentified bodies into the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer systems

Contact Information

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(907) 269-5038 - Local
(907) 337-2059 - FAX
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