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Major Crimes Section

Regional Major Crimes Units (MCU) investigate cases of homicide,  suicide, unexplained deaths, in-custody deaths, officer involved use of deadly force events, adult sexual assaults, robbery,  other  serious crimes against person(s),  as well as fraud and property-related crimes. Regional MCU personnel serve as a ready resource for patrol personnel who respond to suspicious deaths, burglaries and other types of crime. Integration of ABI personnel and patrol personnel proves to be highly effective in coordination and resolution of investigations. The MCUs are the backbone of the Alaska Bureau of Investigation as they handle calls for assistance from nearly every law enforcement entity within Alaska. These units work intricately with other ABI units because  many  types of crimes are often interconnected. It's common for property crime perpetrators to be addicted to drugs, which prompts them to commit crimes that will financially support a drug habit. The same offenders may also be tied to fraud and identity thefts.  Investigators assigned to the Major Crime Units are located in Soldotna, Fairbanks, Palmer and Anchorage. In addition, they remain available for deployment to any area of the state.