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Cold Case Investigation Unit

The Cold Case Investigation Unit (CCIU) was formed in 2002. This unit’s primary function is to investigate unresolved homicide cases previously investigated by the Alaska State Troopers (AST) (and ultimately provide justice for those who have been murdered). The cases being reviewed and investigated by the CCIU date as far back as 1961.  Recognizing the time-consuming nature and complexity of many of these cases, the department initiated a program of hiring experienced investigators to work these cold cases. These investigators have been either retired troopers or former police officers. Since inception, the highly experienced and capable investigators who have been assigned to in this unit have also acted as a ready resource for mentoring less experienced personnel within AST.

The CCIU is housed within AST’s Alaska Bureau of Investigation and works closely with state prosecutors and police agencies across Alaska. Furthermore, these investigations, frequently lead to travel to the Lower 48 in order to gather evidence and conduct interviews. Coordination across jurisdictions is a key factor in successfully investigating these cases.

In addition to the cold cases from AST jurisdiction, the CCIU can assist and conduct investigations, upon request, from local police agencies. Over the years, this unit has gained increased respect within the Alaska law enforcement community and as a result, requests for assistance began to come in from various local police departments who do not have the resources necessary to carry out intense or complex investigations.

Recently, the CCIU has had several major successes. The two most recent being the arrest of Steven H. Downs for the 1993 murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie; and the arrest in connection to the 1978 murder and sexual assault of 16-year-old Shelley Connolly.
Press Release: Cold Case Sophie Sergie.pdf
Press Release: Cold Case Shelley Connolly.pdf

These cases demonstrate AST’s ongoing commitment to successfully resolving cold cases. Often advancements in forensic science provide for new and additional avenues for investigators to pursue which were previously unavailable to law enforcement. As forensic science continues to evolve and expand, we will utilize these advancements to provide justice for victims and their families---no matter how cold the case.

If anyone has information regarding any of the unresolved homicide cases, please contact the Alaska Bureau of Investigation (ABI) at 907-269-5611.

If anyone has information regarding any of the missing persons cases, please contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse at 907-269-5038 or email

Unresolved Homicide List:
Achayok Peter B18006470 6/21/1989 Palmer
Baldwin Alice I72-1712 5/29/1972 Fairbanks
Barbour Joseph 920011268 1/18/1980 Anchorage
Barrett Andrea 980015924 03/09/1998 Fairbanks
Baxter Terrie 940008006 02/02/1994 Palmer
Bekoalok Fredrick C78-20172 11/24/1978 Eagle River
Besh David 890028142 06/30/1980 Big Susitna River
Bingman Susan 020001724 01/06/2002 Ketchikan
Branda Connie 900027949 04/04/1982 Ketchikan
Brown Monte 8671202 10/09/1986 Tanana
Cagley Barbara 920059092 08/26/1992 Fairbanks
Carbine Thomas 8629333 07/15/1982 Kodiak
Charlie Janet I74-14617 08/24/1974 Fairbanks
Christie Julie 850085234 12/23/1985 Delta Junction
Clark Edward 890028146 01/28/1977 Anchorage
Covington Mary 030042836 04/29/1978 Fairbanks
Crane Sinka 990044526 07/05/1999 Sleetmute
Driggs Leland 070012021 02/12/2007 Fairbanks
Duncan Delwin 890028149 08/20/1978 Girdwood
Dunnagan Helen 890043454 09/16/1961 Sutton
Elrod Cynthia A28306888 08/24/1983 Juneau
Ernst Ronald 850029201 05/04/1985 Anchorage
Farrant Erika 890028147 08/07/1978 Anchorage
Goodwin Cassandra 890043514 09/16/1980 Cantwell
Goodmann Theodore 890028154 04/15/1983 Hope
Graham Gene 920042539 06/23/1992 Nenana
Greene Robert 890043450 09/15/1974 Kodiak
Hatcher Melvin E28405581 01/28/1976 Fairbanks
Heitchler Charles 890028142 12/27/1976 Wasilla
Henkel Cynthia 880028788 05/14/1988 Anchorage
Hess Herman C76-9704 05/23/1976 Anchorage
Hurd Brad 060095368 10/26/2006 Fairbanks
Hutchens Quincy 060095368 10/26/2006 Fairbanks
Jewett Robert 870075048 11/22/1987 Fairbanks
Jimmie Lue 030022709 03/07/1973 Nenana
Johnson Lucy 030022710 09/09/1973 Fort Yukon
Johnson Scott 090038968 05/15/2009 Wasilla
Kakaruk Edith 890043526 05/30/1978 Anchorage
Kisgen Shannon 060076150 08/24/2006 Fairbanks
Konyot Theodore AK13092406 12/9/2013 Palmer
Lollar Margaret 880023175 9/4/1984 Pt. McKenzie
Miller Linda C73-20970 07/23/1973 Anchorage
Moddemeyer Shirley 890028148 05/22/1978 Eagle River
Murray Glenn 8556140 08/17/1985 Wasilla
Oliver Brittani AK16086274 11/24/2016 Fairbanks
Oman Curtis 980015924 03/09/1998 Fairbanks
Pipien Adam 930029422 05/14/1993 Anchorage
Rebischke Sylvester 8662472 09/03/1986 Tyonek
Roberts Daniel 120044053 06/15/2012 Willow
Sibley Gerald 020001001 01/04/2002 Kenai
Smith Marquerita I82-12279 09/201982 Anchorage
Smith Robert C78-3810 02/27/1978 Anchorage
Sternhagen John 890043452 11/12/1970 Sutton
Tagala Florence 890028143 01/14/1977 Kenai
Talbert Charles 980065291 09/26/1998 Seward
Tibbets Thomas I80-4427 05/04/1980 Delta Junction
Titus Doreen I78-0628 01/24/1978 Fairbanks
Uga Paul 890028151 06/14/1980 Houston
Van Zanten C Beth C71-0249 12/24/1971 Anchorage
Wafer Eileen 900027959 04/24/1990 Haines
Weber Vickie 040084627 10/27/2004 Kotzebue
White Jennifer 960020079 04/01/1996 Anchorage
White Oliver J77-00549 11/11/1977 Kotzebue
Wilhour Brenda 910078280 11/23/1991 Chitina
Young Joung 060107523 12/10/2006 Bethel
Zeiger Gary 890028139 11/27/1973 Anchorage