1. Evaluate whether or not you meet the minimum Qualifications.
2. Arrange to take the Written Test (Lateral Applicants can skip this step; the written test is waived upon approval as a lateral.)

3. Attend a CAMP (Candidate Assistance Mentoring Program) if you live in Alaska. These are 2 hour meetings where recruitment office staff provides practical guidance and assistance, answers questions, and reviews some of the paperwork that is necessary to apply. The potential applicant can also sign up to do a ride-along with a trooper.  If you cannot attend a CAMP presentation in person, watch the CAMP video here:



4. Go to Workplace Alaska and Apply Online.
5. After you receive it from us, complete the Background Investigation packet.
6. After receiving the invitation, travel to Anchorage for the Physical Fitness test, Hiring Board Interview. Psychological Written/Interview, Physical Examination/Drug Screening and Polygraph Examination.
7. Wait for the Department to complete the Final Review and call you with a firm job offer!