The hiring process for the Alaska State and Wildlife Troopers is a comprehensive process and the applicant must provide significant details going back ten years or more.  Documentation requirements are rigid and expectations are high; those who are inattentive to details will not pass through the application process.

In order to be successful, a candidate should follow directions, timelines, and keep the recruitment office notified of changes that occur during the hiring process. For most, this will be a challenging process, unlike anything they have accomplished before. Will you rise to the challenge?


1. Evaluate whether or not you meet the Minimum
2. Watch the Candidate Assistance video here:

3. If you are a lateral applicant obtain a lateral waiver - please visit the Lateral Page for information on the lateral waiver process. Recruit applicants (non-laterals) do not need to take a written test as of October 2023.
4. Apply Online (see APPLY NOW link on this site).
5. After receiving the invitation, complete the Personal History Questionnaire and associated documents through the Guardian portal.  At this time you will also complete the Initial Physical Fitness Test.
6. Complete the final physical fitness test.  The is completed at your choice of facilities and by your choice of proctor (must be an adult).  Recruitment staff will verify that you have successfully passed the proctored PFT through video evidence. 
7. After receiving the invitation, travel to Anchorage for the Hiring Board Interview. Psychological Written/Interview, Physical Examination/Drug Screening and Polygraph Examination.
8. Wait for the Department to complete the Final Review and call you with a firm job offer!