In-State Testing

Alaskans who are interested in applying to become an Alaska State or Wildlife Trooper must take and pass our written test before they can apply. The test, which takes about four hours to complete, is frequently proctored by the Department of Public Safety in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna, and occasionally in Sitka; as well as in varying locations in the Pacific Northwest. Applicants are also encouraged to select the 'in-home / online' option which is also acceptable if the applicant has access to a PC. Our test is hosted by Public Safety Testing (PST), the schedule for our testing events can be found on their calendar:

The applicant must register and pay $55 to take this test. Upon registering, PST will e-mail the applicant a study guide. A more in-depth study guide and practice test can be purchased from PST. Those who pass the written test with a score of 70% or greater will be eligible to apply on-line. A passing test score is valid for 15 months. For those who do not pass, they may take the test again 90 days later. Those who pass, but want to attempt to get a better score may take the test again after 180 days. For those Alaskans who live in remote places in Alaska, please call our recruitment office and we will work with the nearest Trooper Post to schedule your test there. Online / In home testing is also an option that we encourage potential applicants to consider. Applicants do not need to complete the PST physical fitness test (PFT). DPS has our own PFT that is administered later in the hiring process.   Potential applicants do not need to be in Alaska to test or apply. See Out of State Testing.