The Alaska State Troopers are a different sort of law enforcement agency, performing public safety services to the largest state in the nation with less than 400 commissioned officers.

Troopers work in a wide variety of law enforcement fields and are able to request assignments that fit their personal interests.  General areas of enforcement include rural law enforcement, highway law enforcement, near-urban patrol work and serious criminal investigations. Special duties may include fixed or rotary wing pilot, canine handler, sea vessel operator, river vessel and snow machine operator, highway patrol, Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT), tactical dive unit and police instructor.  Investigation subspecialties include narcotics investigations, robbery, homicide and sexual assault, financial crimes, technical crimes, property crimes and the special crimes investigation unit.

The Alaska State Trooper position is among the most demanding of any in law enforcement. As a Trooper, you may be responsible for the public safety of a rural area the size of a smaller Lower-48 state (like Texas), or may operate in a fast-paced semi-urban environment.  Your patrol vehicle may be a Piper Super Cub on floats and your office may be a 156-foot patrol vessel!

If you’re honest, hardworking, and have a heart for public service, we’d love to teach you how to do this job.   Rise to the challenge.  Become a different kind of cop.  Become an Alaska State Trooper!
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