Starting Wages:

(base rate, without geographical differentials, premium pay, shift differentials, overtime, or standby pay factored in)

  • State Trooper Recruit
$40.92/hour ($85,114/year)
  • State Trooper Recruit with a Bachelor degree or higher
$42.45/hour ($88,296/year)

Applicants with a current police certification and at least one year of experience may qualify for higher rates of pay:
  • State Trooper Lateral
1 year: $44.04/hour ($91,603/year)
2 years: $45.69/hour ($95,035/year)
3 years: $47.40/hour ($98,592/year)
4 years: $49.18/hour ($102,294/year)
5 years: $51.02/hour ($106,122/year)
6+ years: $52.93/hour ($110,094/year)

*Bachelor’s degree add 3.75% to above salaries.

Note - Troopers normally receive additional steps (3.75% pay increases) on the salary schedule every year for the first 6 years of service, and every 2 years after that (up to year 26 at the Trooper rank). 

Alaska Cost of Living

While the cost of living in some places in Alaska is accounted for in our geographic pay differentials, some applicants like to know how costs compare in our training posts.  Feel free to use the tools below to compare the cost of living from your current location to locations in Alaska:


Rural Duty Extension Incentive Pay

Members electing to extend their rural duty beyond their transfer eligibility at select locations shall be paid three thousand dollars ($3,000) at the completion of each additional year that they elect to remain at that remote post (for a maximum of five years).

Trooper pay is based upon geographical assignment. Pay rates can increase up to 60% from the base rate, depending on assignment location.

Vacation/Leave Accrual

<2 years of service=14 hours per month
2-5 years=17.5 hours per month
5-10 years=21 hours per month
10-15 years=24.5 hours per month
15+ years of service=28 hours per month

Leave can be cashed in at the standard hourly rate.  For complete details see the Public Safety Employees’ Association Collective Bargaining Agreement at: