Out-of-State Testing

For those potential applicants who live outside of Alaska (in the lower 48 as we say), the path to taking our written test is usually rather simple. Public Safety Testing (PST) can arrange to have their test proctored at a testing center. To arrange to take the proctored test this way costs $65 (plus testing center costs). There is also an option of completing the test 'Online, In-home' through PST.  Most of our applicants utilize this option and it is encouraged. The applicant will need internet access and a PC.

The physical fitness test is not completed at the time of the written test, but administered later by DPS. Applicants DO NOT need to do the Public Safety Testing physical fitness test.

Step One:  Identify a testing center near you: http://www.ncta-testing.org/find-a-cctc-participant

Step TwoSIGN UP FOR A REMOTE TEST for the Alaska State Troopers and follow the subsequent directions to schedule one at your chosen testing center.

A detailed, step-by-step guide on setting up a remote test can be found here:  REMOTE TEST SETUP GUIDE

Out-of-Country testing

We have had several applicants take the test 'online / in-home' from other countries and even while deployed with the military.  We can not guarentee this will work though depending on internet connectivity issues or network restrictions from some of these locations.  Interested parties should contact PST and inquire about any issues they encounter.