From the beginning, society has needed a special few willing to face evil and run towards harm for the sake of others.

I am one of those few. I am an Alaska State Trooper.

My environment is harsh, vast, and unforgiving. I thrive in it.
My state is beautiful, majestic, and the last of its kind. I will protect it.

My integrity is absolute. My loyalty is to what is ethical, right, and true.
My courage will not falter. Fear does not control me.
I am the master of my actions and emotions, regardless of circumstance.

Where action is needed, I will act.
If I fall, I will get back up. If I fail, I will try again.
I will either find a way or make one. I will never give up.

I will be physically superior, mentally tougher, and more tenacious than those determined to bring harm to others.
I will enhance my knowledge and proficiency every day. My training will never cease.

I am a quiet professional. I do not seek recognition for my actions.
I accept and will overcome the mental and physical hazards of my profession.
I will do what is necessary to place the needs of others before my own.
Because I endure this, others won’t have to.

Titles will not define me. No man will determine my worth.
I will live my life according to the creed I have written on my heart, regardless of my position, rank or title.

I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me.
I am honor bound to maintain the proud traditions of Alaska's finest.
The fallen are honored by my actions and I commit myself daily to the mighty cause of preserving this honor.

I am an Alaska State Trooper