Applicants will be required to have medical screening completed by our contracted medical professionals while the applicant is in Anchorage. The applicant will also be required to complete a drug screening test. Other than the color perception section below, we cannot answer specific questions regarding your health or what might be a barrier to employment with us. Questions about other medical related issues should be directed to our contracted medical service:

Beacon Health
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 222-7612


Visual Color Perception


Color vision testing will be completed as part of the medical screening process. According to the Alaska Police Standards Council, there is no exact standard regarding color deficits in the state of Alaska. However, ability to distinguish colors associated with the position is important and part of the screening process. Applicants often ask, 'what if I am partially color blind?' Each person is assessed by medical personnel and color deficits can vary from mild to moderate and severe.  In most cases those who have color deficits, will be referred to an ophthalmologist for evaluation.  Each candidate is evaluated and a recommendation made to the Alaska State Troopers on ability to perform the scope of work safely.”