Applicants, upon completing the online application, will be required to complete a Personal History Questionnaire and submit additional supporting documents through an online portal.

Make sure you have these documents in your possession prior to submitting your online application, to ensure you will meet your deadline. Failure to provide ALL required documents by your deadline will result in your application being eliminated from the process. Instructions for submitting these documents will be furnished after you have completed the initial online application.

  1. Certified high school transcripts or a General Education Development (GED) certificate, recognized by a state. (If home-schooled, provide documents from your school district that basic education standards were met.)
  2. College transcripts for ALL post-secondary education. If a degree was obtained, official transcripts are required.
  3. Photocopy of official birth certificate issued by a government agency (with court documents showing any name changes). Passport or hospital certificates will not be accepted in lieu of official birth certificates.
  4. If a naturalized US citizen, a photocopy of naturalization certificate with photo.
  5. Former military members must provide discharge or separation papers showing date and type of discharge for all periods of services for each branch of military (i.e. DD-214 Member-4 Form or NGB-22 Form, which include the separation and re-entry codes).
  6. Long form/lifetime driving record(s) from all states and U.S. territories in which you have held a driver's license and/or received a citation (whether convicted or not). You can find that information at:
  7. Letters of recommendation, performance evaluations (three preferred), and certifications.
  8. Cover Letter – Stating how you qualify for the position, and why you are applying.
  9. Male applicants must go to,download their SSS Verification Letter, and uploadthat into the online portal.

NOTE: The testing and interview phase is the last phase of the application process. If invited to interview and test for the position, applicants must travel to Anchorage, Alaska. The applicant is responsible for all travel costs (airfare, lodging, transportation, meals) during the testing and interview phase. On average, testing and interviews requires a 3-5 day stay in Anchorage. Travel to Anchorage from the continental U.S. for 3-5 days averages around $1,500 to $2,000, depending upon the state of origin. Some choose to use services like Airbnb to reduce their costs.