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Search And Rescue

When a lost or missing individual is found in Alaska it is no accident. It is the result of hours of strategic and deliberate planning and coordination between multiple agencies and organizations.           

            The Alaska State Troopers are statutorily required to lead search and rescue (SAR) efforts within the state of Alaska. Troopers conduct over four hundred and fifty SAR operations each year. We frequently work with and organize resources from multiple agencies and volunteer groups who provide search assets when needed. We rely heavily on over 1100 SAR volunteers across the state. Every trooper receives training in SAR, and participates in SAR events in each geographical area.

            The SAR coordinator is on standby 24/7 throughout the year to assist troopers in the field in finding and locating lost and injured individuals. Some of the assets available for SAR operations include aircraft, vessels, ground search teams, and canines. We deploy these assets strategically across the state to better assist Alaskans and visitors to Alaska.

Statewide SAR groups are encouraged to contact the state SAR coordinator regarding grants. The State SAR coordinator may be able to advocate on your groups behalf for certain grants.


Contact Us

Lt. Benjamin Endres 
Search and Rescue Coordinator
Phone: 907-269-5682