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Annual Statewide Inventory of Untested Sexual Assault Kits

The first statewide inventory results were reported in November 2017. With Alaska Statute 44.41.070, the inventory of untested kits is now conducted annually. All law enforcement agencies that handle sexual assault kits are required to participate.

Alaska Statute 44.41.070 reads:

By September 1 of each year, each law enforcement agency and state department charged with the maintenance, storage, and preservation of sexual assault examination kits shall conduct an inventory of untested sexual assault examination kits and report, in writing, to the Department of Public Safety the number of untested sexual assault examination kits in the possession of the agency or department, the number of sexual assault examination kits that the law enforcement agency or state department has determined are ineligible for testing under (e) of this section, with the reason or reasons the untested sexual assault examination kits were determined to be ineligible for testing, and the date on which each untested sexual assault examination kit was collected.

Because law enforcement agencies are required to submit kits to the Crime Lab within 30 days (Alaska Statute 44.41.065), much of this inventory takes place at the Crime Lab. As such, the inventory includes both unsubmitted and submitted kits that have not been tested.

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2021 Inventory Results

558 Untested* SAKs

The chart below shows untested SAKs by department at the time of the most recent inventory (fall 2021). Untested SAKs include SAKs being tested at time of inventory. Due to the Capital Project being well under way, many departments now report zero or nearly zero untested SAKs. The agency order of SAKs tested in the Capital Testing Project resulted in Anchorage Police Department making up a larger percentage of remaining SAKs for the project. For a complete list of untested SAKs by agency, please refer to the table in the next section.

* The total number of untested victim SAKs does not include those identified in AS 44.41.070 as ineligible for testing such as those that are scientifically unviable, SAKs that do not meet CODIS eligibility requirements, or SAKs belonging to anonymous victims/survivors. Should survivors in anonymous cases wish to convert their case to a reported case, their SAK could be eligible for testing.

2021 Inventory of Untested & Testing-In-Progress SAKs
 by Law Enforcement Agency

There were 44 law enforcement agencies that were both active and maintained case jurisdiction on sexual assault cases in 2021. All 44 law enforcement agencies complied with the inventory requirement.
Law Enforcement Agency Untested/In-Progress Victim/Survivor SAKs
Alaska State Troopers 82
Anchorage Airport and Fire 0
Anchorage Police Department 374
Bethel Police Department 22
Bristol Bay Police Department 0
Cordova Police Department 0
Craig Police Department 0
Dillingham Department of Public Safety 4
Fairbanks Airport Police and Fire 0
Fairbanks Police Department 24
Fort Yukon Police Department 0
Galena Police Department 0
Haines Police Department 1
Homer Police Department 4
Hoonah Police Department 0
Juneau Police Department 10
Kenai Police Department 0
Ketchikan Police Department 3
King Cove Police Department 2
Klawock Police Department 0
Kodiak Police Department 0
Kotzebue Police Department 6
Metlakatla Police Department 0
Nome Police Department 1
North Pole Police Department 1
North Slope Borough Police Department 6
Palmer Police Department 1
Petersburg Police Department 0
Saint Paul Department of Public Safety 0
Sand Point Department of Public Safety 0
Seldovia Police Department 3
Seward Police Department 1
Sitka Police Department 2
Skagway Police Department 0
Soldotna Police Department 1
Unalakleet Dept of Public Safety 0
Unalaska Department of Public Safety 2
University Police Department, Anchorage 1
University Police Department, Fairbanks 0
Valdez Police Department 1
Wasilla Police Department 5
Whittier Police Department 1
Wrangell Police Department 0
Yakutat Police Department 0
As of September 30, 2021, only 1 SAK was still at a Law Enforcement Agency (unsubmitted); the rest were at the crime lab and/or private lab for testing (submitted).
56% of untested/in-progress SAKs are the final kits in the Capital Appropriation Project. The agency order of SAKs tested in the Capital Appropriation Project resulted in Anchorage Police Department making up a larger percentage of remaining SAKs for the project.