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Kit Tracking Project

In fall 2020, Alaska Department of Public Safety was awarded a Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence – Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting (SAFE-ITR) grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The Alaska Department of Public Safety will be implementing a software for tracking sexual assault evidence kits (also known as sexual assault kits, or SAKs) from collection through final storage.

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Definitions for key terms can be found here.

Typical Reported Kit Track (click here to print or download image as PDF)

Typical Anonymous Kit Track  (click here to print or download image as PDF)
A statewide tracking system for sexual assault evidence kits is currently being developed. This system will be used by law enforcement, medical-forensic providers, and the crime lab to track kits’ statuses and locations.

This system will also include a portal for survivors where they can check the status and location of their kit, as well as opt in and out of notifications related to their kit.

More information will be provided as the project develops over the next several months.

Prior to the roll out of the tracking system, if you are a survivor and want to know the status of your kit, please contact the law enforcement agency that you reported to.
SAFE-ITR grant metrics reflect the tracking of kits that were awaiting testing and/or in the process of testing at the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory (the Crime Lab) on January 1, 2021 and any kits the Crime Lab received after that date. They do not include “anonymous” kits, i.e. kits collected from survivors who did not wish to file a police report at the time of kit collection. If a survivor with an anonymous kit later decides to report to law enforcement (convert their anonymous report to a law enforcement report), their kit would be included in these metrics. Definitions for key terms can be found here.

SAFE-ITR grant metrics are updated every 60 days.
For immediate response call 911 
Local victim & survivor services 24/7 hotlines
National Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Criminal Justice Investigation Contact information
Alaska 211 for assistance, referrals, resources 211
Alaska’s CARELINE 877-266-4357 
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233  *** 800-787-3224 TTY
To report Child Abuse 1-800-478-4444 or
If someone has sexually assaulted you, you are not alone. And, you have options, such as:
  • Reporting to law enforcement
  • Participating in a medical exam
  • Going through an anonymous report process where evidence is collected, but no police report is filed
  • Being supported by an advocate throughout any option
To learn more about your options, see more resources for survivors and/or connect with an advocate.
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