Background Check Requests

Alaska Statute AS 12.62.160 authorizes “Any Person” to receive Alaska criminal justice information. Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) further defines procedures to obtain this information. AS 12.62.160 also authorizes the dissemination of additional information to employers/licensing agencies for screening of applicants for positions responsible for the care of children and dependent adults (an "Interested Person"). The subject of a record is authorized to view or purchase a copy of his/her entire record. The Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) Bureau maintains Alaska Criminal Justice Information.

Alaska Criminal Justice Information may be obtained by either submitting a request based on a name search or submitting the record subject's fingerprints. Background checks based on positive, fingerprint identification are recommended; name-based searches may miss criminal history reported to the Central Repository under aliases or other names. Currently the fee for a name based background check is $20; a fingerprint-based check is $35. These checks will include Alaska Criminal Justice Information only. All fingerprints should be submitted on a standard FD-258 FBI fingerprint form; fingerprints submitted in other formats will be rejected, including those using the standard form, but printed in different sizes or on different paper stocks.

Note for those requesting name-based background checks by mail:  Results may be mailed or faxed, but not both unless you are purchasing an extra copy.  Extra copies are $5 and must be requested at the same time as the original report.  Additional reports requested at a later date are $20.

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