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Division of Statewide Services

The division of Statewide Service provides Alaska’s criminal justice system with technical and specialized law enforcement support. The division consists of the Criminal Justice Information Systems Program, Information Systems, Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, and Alaska Public Safety Communication Services.
The Criminal Justice Information System Program is comprised of several units that manage various statewide programs including the state’s criminal history repository, Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), Sex Offender Registry (SOR), Concealed Handgun Permits, Security Guard Licensing, Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), applicant background checks, and auditing and training programs to ensure statewide compliance with state and federal laws related to the security, confidentiality, completeness, and accuracy of CJIS systems and data. 
Information Services develops and maintains the computerized resources of the department. The Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) is used to track arrests, criminal histories, warrants, missing persons, stolen property, and other information for law enforcement purposes. APSIN provides access to Alaska motor vehicle and driver license data, and connects to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and to other states via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (Nlets). Information Service also maintains networks, desktop computers and laptops, the department’s web pages, and various databases.
The Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory provides scientific support to the criminal justice system to help create a safer Alaska. Services provided include scientific analysis of evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies in Alaska (forensic biology, latent fingerprints, footwear intelligence and impressions, blood/beverage alcohol, and controlled substance identification), administering the statewide Breath Alcohol testing program, crime scene response, providing expert testimony on lab results of tested evidence, and training law enforcement in proper evidence collection and preservation techniques.
The Alaska Public Safety Communication Services team provides public safety grade infrastructure, services, and support to state, local, and federal customers.  The infrastructure hosts the Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR) service providing radio communications and 9-1-1 dispatch services to first responders and public workers.  The infrastructure supports many additional services including aviation weather cameras, aircraft communication radios, seismic monitoring systems, state network, railroad communications, public utility communications, broadband, television, and cellular services.  The team supports state agency ALMR equipment and other state agency systems such as wildland fire and correctional facility radio systems.

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