Information Services

The Statewide Services, Information Services section develops and maintains all computerized resources for the State of Alaska’s Department of Public Safety information systems. Supported systems range geographically across the entirety of the State and include the management of all hardware, localized circuitry, data facilities, vehicle based systems, and interfaces to partner law enforcement agencies and federal authorities.
Additionally, the Information Services section manages full life-cycle software development and data reporting capabilities; providing custom software solutions and many data interfacing utilities, as well as supporting and enhancing statewide “off the shelf” products for law enforcement information recordation, data distribution, data aggregation, and data reporting for both the Department and many statewide and federal partner agencies.
Lastly, Information Services provides support for all users of our information services, currently more than 5,000 users statewide.
Mailing/Physical Address:

State of Alaska Department of Public Safety
Division of Statewide Services
5700 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507-1225