Uniform Offense Citation Table

The UOCT contains only criminal offenses. For more information on what is an "offense" versus a "crime", levels of crimes, and crimes for which juveniles are treated as adults, please read offense definitions.

UOCT Files to Download

Database files

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File Name Link Update
CITAPP97 .MDB 10/29/2020
citdata97 .mdb 10/29/2020

Text Files

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File Name Link Update
KeywordRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
keywords .txt 10/29/2020
NCIC_UCRRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
NCICcodes .txt 10/29/2020
NCICRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
NIBRScodes .txt 10/29/2020
OffenseCitations .csv 10/29/2020
OffenseCitations .txt 10/29/2020
UCRcodes .txt 10/29/2020
UCRRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_KeywordRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_keywords .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_NCIC_UCRRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_NCICcodes .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_NCICRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_NIBRScodes .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_OffenseCitations .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_UCRcodes .txt 10/29/2020
VSAM_UCRRelationships .txt 10/29/2020
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