Statutes Approved by the US Attorney General

Below is a list of the Alaska Statutes that have been approved by the US Attorney General for the submission of fingerprints as of August 18, 2016, pursuant to Pub. Law 92-544

  1. Collection Agency Operator’s License – AS 08.24.120
  2. School Bus Driver License – AS 28.15.046
  3. Security Guard License – AS 18.65.410
  4. Employment involving supervisory or disciplinary power over minor or dependent adult – AS 12.62.160(e)
  5. Admission to the Alaska Bar Association AS 08.08.137
  6. Concealed Handgun Permit AS 18.65.705
  7. Employees and Administrators of Assisted Living Homes AS 47.33.100 (employees) and AS 47.33.550 (administrators) [Repealed, Sec. 49 ch 57 SLA 2005].
  8. Employees of Nursing FacilitiesAS 18.20.302
  9. Agencies or individuals licensed as a Child Care, Child Placement or Child Treatment Facility; Foster Homes; Maternity Homes; or persons age 16 or older having contact with individuals served by these facilities. – AS 47.35 [Repealed, Sec. 50 ch 57 SLA 2005].
  10. License as an Insurance Producer, Managing General Agent, Reinsurance Intermediary Broker, Reinsurance Intermediary Manager, Surplus Lines Broker, or Independent Insurance Adjuster – AS 21.27.040
  11. Licensing or conditional issuance of a contractor’s permit to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, possess for sale or barter, traffic in, or barter an alcoholic beverageAS 04.11.295
  12. License to practice Nursing or the certification of a Nurse AideAS 08.68.100
  13. Teachers
    1. Teacher certificate – AS 14.20.020
    2. Subject matter expert (limited teacher certificate) – AS 14.20.022
  14. License to serve and execute process issued by a court – AS 22.20.130
  15. Operator or instructor of a Commercial Driver Training SchoolAS 28.17.031
  16. Broker-dealer, agent, investment adviser representative, or State Investment Adviser AS 45.55.030 – 45.55.060
  17. Applicants for certificate as Explosive Handlers - AS 08.52
  18. Department of Health and Social Services applicants for a license, license renewal, certification or certification renewal AS 47.05.310

    **Note: AS 47.05.017 (Home Health Care Providers) is not approved for national background checks because it allows DHSS to dissemination national information to non-governmental agencies, in violation of Pub. L. 92-544.  Unless or until this statute is amended, the US AG will not approve this statute for conducting national criminal history record background checks.

  19. Applicants for a Mortgage Broker LicenseAS 06.60.027
  20. License to practice Behavior AnalysisAS 08.15.020
  21. Board of Massage Therapists applicants for a license to Practice Massage Therapy to practice massage therapy by credentials, and license renewals – AS 08.61
  22. Applicants for a registration or license to operate a marijuana establishment and renewals – AS17.38.0200(a)