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Cold Case Investigation Unit

At the inception of the Cold Case Investigation Unit (CCIU) in 2002, there were 101 unresolved homicides cases in Alaska that were referred to the CCIU to investigate. These cases were initiated for killings that happened between 1961 and 2001. Recognizing that many of these cases are extremely complex and the investigation or review of these cases is time consuming, the department initiated a program of hiring experienced investigators to work these cold cases. These investigators are either retired troopers or former police officers. Members of the CCIU work closely with state prosecutors and police agencies in other states to pursue these homicide investigations. In addition, these highly experienced and capable investigators act as a ready resource for mentoring less experienced personnel. They conduct case reviews and provide ideas and guidance for ongoing investigations.

In addition to the cold cases from AST jurisdiction, CCIU investigators assist and conduct investigations upon request from local police agencies. As the unit became known within the Alaska law enforcement community, requests for assistance began to come in from various local police departments who do not have the resources necessary to carry out intense or complex investigations. During the course of these investigations, CCIU investigators frequently travel throughout Alaska and to the Lower 48 in order to gather evidence and conduct interviews.