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The Alaska FD Contact Directory has a main update annually after the registration period, which are due every January 31st. The directory continues to be updated with on-going updates throughout the year. The last update was April 18, 2024.

This is not a list of currently registered Alaskan fire departments. This directory lists all departments that have contacted the Division of Fire and Life Safety with the most current information we have on file for the department.

Registered fire departments are shown here.

Fire Department Registration


Division of Fire and Life Safety Director's Office manages the registration of local fire and emergency response agencies in Alaska. Alaska state regulations require that every local organization that is performing duties as a fire department be registered with the Division of Fire and Life Safety.

In order to be a registered fire department a fire department must have submitted the following:

  • Enabling Authority - A copy of the departments enabling authority document and
  • Bylaws - A copy of the departments bylaws and
  • Response Areas/Boundaries - A description of the boundaries or response areas of the department. This can include either a map or a general description of the limits of the response. Also a description under what circumstances and under whose authority the department will respond outside those boundaries. If the response area is within or overlaps another agencies response area a Mutual Aid or Memorandum of Agreement between those two agencies is required and
  • Annual Summary Report - A summary report must be completed annually by using information from the previous calendar year and
  • Membership Roster - Fire Departments are required under the registration process to forward a current list of all members. Any changes in membership must be sent within 30 days of these changes taking place and
  • ANFIRS - In order for a fire department to continue their registration status, they must report every fire and fire related incident Division of Fire and Life Safety monthly per 13 AAC 52.020. The fire department may lose their registered status if they fail report.

Fire Departments Currently Registered:

Please Note: To inquire about the current registration status of a fire department please go to the Fire Department Registration Status page.

You can download the 2024 fire department summary report below:

         PLEASE NOTE: Due to the 2024 FD Registration asking about the departments 2023
         activities and statistics, submit this registration after December 31, 2023.
For further information please contact:
Marie Collins
5700 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5625
Fax: (907) 338-4375