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Plan Review Bureau

The Division of Fire and Life Safety is the State Building Official.

Construction, repair, remodel, addition, or change of occupancy of any building/structure, or installation or change of fuel tanks must be approved by the Division of Fire and Life Safety before ANY work is started.

Residential housing that is three-plex or smaller is exempt from this requirement.

Plans and specifications regarding the location of the building or structure on the property, area, height, number of stories, occupancy, type of construction, interior finish, exit facilities, electrical systems, mechanical systems, fuel storage tanks and their appurtenances, automatic fire-extinguishing systems, and fire alarm systems must be submitted by the owner or owner's representative to the Division of Fire and Life Safety for examination and approval. This review does not address structural considerations or accessibility requirements. Mechanical and electrical review is limited to that which is necessary to confirm compliance with fire and life safety requirements.

It is prohibited to occupy a building for which plans have not been examined and approved.

If any work, for which a plan review and approval is required, has been started without first obtaining plan review and approval, an additional special processing plan review fee will be charged. The special processing fee is an additional charge equal to the amount of the standard plan review fee for the project; subsequent violations by the same person or business will result in an additional special processing fee multiplied by the number of previous violations.

The Building Permit Process Submit completed plan review application form and construction documents (applications and forms below) to the Plans Review Bureau.
Fire system plan reviews (fire alarm, fire suppression, hood suppressions and fuel systems) will be submitted using the Plan Review Application.
  A plan review fee will be calculated by the Division of Fire and Life Safety.
The plans are reviewed after receipt of the fee.
After the review is complete, a permit is issued.
A copy of the plan review approval certificate must be posted as required in 13 AAC 55.100(b).
Occupancy is granted upon completion of construction according to the plans submitted. Certificates are not provided.

Authority: AS 18.70.080

Alaska Administrative Code: 13 AAC 50.027

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Now is the time to submit your construction project plans to the State of Alaska, Plan Review to avoid the spring and summer heavy construction season. Proper planning and early submittal will speed up the review process during our busy time period. Submit a complete plan review application and supporting documents to avoid any delay in the processing. After receiving full payment, we anticipate two to four weeks processing time. Once your plans are approved you have six months to begin construction so don't wait until the last minute.
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