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General Council Meeting:

The Alaska Police Standards Council will hold its 135th General meeting at 8:00 am on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  The meeting will be a state-wide teleconference.  If you would like to participate by telephone, please contact Wendy Menze 907-465-4378 or  wendy.menze@alaska.gov

Physical meeting hub will be located at the office of the Alaska Police Standards Council, 150 3rd St., Suite 202, Juneau, AK.

The meeting will open at 8 am with the General Session, followed by the Executive Session. The General Session will reconvene after the Executive Session, approximately 10 am. The agenda will include the director's report, status of misconduct investigations, and other administrative matters.

Individuals or groups with disabilities who require specific accommodations or alternative communication formats in order to participate, should contact the Alaska Police Standards Council office at 907-465-4378 by close of business on Monday, August 26, in order to allow time for staff to make the necessary arrangements.