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Because of Alaska's geographical vastness, coupled with the limited number of law enforcement resources, no single law enforcement agency is capable of handling the drug and alcohol problems alone. Utilizing a combination of federal and state funding, the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU) participates in and funds a number of multi-jurisdictional forces around the state. The SDEU works closely with its federal and municipal partners. It has the unique ability to interdict and investigate cases across the state. Recognizing that drug abuse is not confined to any one geographical location or any economic strata, the unit aggressively confronts drug and alcohol traffickers. Battling drugs and alcohol in Alaska is an ever-developing effort to identify smuggling trends and to pin down the adaptive nature of the trafficker.


  • Interdict and seize alcohol and controlled substances that are illegally distributed throughout Alaska
  • Identify and arrest distributors of controlled substances and illegal alcohol
  • Provide training and investigative support to criminal justice agencies
  • Support and participate in public education programs

SDEU also recognizes that the ill-gotten gains of drug traffickers and alcohol smugglers promote an increase in lawlessness of all types. This lawlessness is not isolated to the use of controlled substances. Of all cases initiated by the Alaska State Troopers in recent years, 37-47 percent involved either drugs or alcohol, and sometimes both. It includes, but is not limited to, burglary, theft, domestic violence assaults and murder. By eradicating such activity and arresting those who would profit off the misery of others, Alaska and its communities will be a much better and safer place to live and raise a family. The SDEU, along with its partner agencies throughout the state, diligently dedicates its resources and energy toward that goal.

The SDEU headquarters office in Anchorage supports six investigative teams throughout the state. They are:

  • DEA Enforcement Group/Alaska Interdiction Task Force
  • Fairbanks Areawide Narcotics Team
  • Mat-Su Drug Narcotics Enforcement Team
  • Southcentral Areawide Narcotics Team
  • Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs
  • Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team

Annual Drug Reports

Each year, Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU) publishes an annual drug report. In authoring this publication, SDEU endeavors to represent the illegal drug and alcohol situation in Alaska in a manner that provides the broadest and most accurate picture possible

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