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Evidence Submission Form

The Request for Laboratory Services (RLS) form is designed to streamline evidence submission and analysis by obtaining all pertinent information up front. The RLS form also provides an evidence receipt for the agency when submitting evidence in person.

The RLS is a communication device; the questions on the RLS are required because the answers you provide are necessary in determining the appropriate course of analysis. They are intended to reduce delays caused by communications requesting clarification.

Only the current version of the RLS will be accepted when submitting evidence to the laboratory and must be completed by the requestor prior to submission. An RLS must accompany every evidence submission, even if it is being resubmitted for additional testing.

How to Access the Request for Laboratory Services (RLS) Form

From this page:

  • Download the RLS and save it to your computer. Right click on the link below and select “Save Link As”.

          Request for Laboratory Services Form (PDF)

  • Go to the location where you saved the RLS and open it on your computer using Adobe. The form will not open correctly in a web browser or any other application.

From the Home page using the “Forms” drop-down option:
If using Edge:
Open the RLS from the website. Click the disk icon (save) in the upper right hand corner and save the file to a desktop folder. Open the file from the desktop folder.
If using Chrome:
Open the RLS from the website. Click the arrow icon (download) in the upper right hand corner. The download must be saved to a desktop folder. If one tries to open the downloaded file from the download task bar, it will still not open. Open the file from the desktop folder.
Do not use Firefox:
Opening the RLS in this browser deactivates the fields and renders the form unusable. The lab will not accept forms generated using Firefox.

RLS Form


Filling Out the Request for Laboratory Services (RLS) Form

Agency Name: This is the agency that is submitting and is responsible for the evidence and receiving the analysis report.
*If you are submitting evidence as part of an agency assist or on behalf of another agency and do not need a report and the evidence should be returned to the primary agency, please fill out the primary investigating agency’s name.

Address: This is your agency’s physical or mailing address and should be the address that evidence will be returned to by mail (unless you typically pick up evidence).
*For Alaska Department of Public Safety: this is your post/detachment’s address, please do not use the headquarters address in Anchorage unless that is where you are stationed.

Have previous evidence submissions been made under this case number? Yes/No: Has any agency ever submitted any evidence for this case to the State of Alaska Crime Laboratory?

Is this evidence cross-referenced to another case? Yes/No: Are there other cases within your agency that this case is related to? Is there another agency involved or reporting on this case? If yes to either, please provide the other case number(s) and agency names (if applicable).

Additional Tips:

  • The case number and item number must match exactly how it is listed on the evidence item.

  • Include the email address for the primary investigator assigned to the case and a phone number where they can be reached. This will allow the analyst or evidence technicians to contact you if they need clarification.

  • The summary should provide only information that is relevant for testing, questions you would like answered, and court dates if known. Please do not insert your entire report here.

  • Use only one item number for each item of evidence that is submitted. Duplicate item numbers within a case are not permitted. If an item needs to be resubmitted to the lab for additional testing, maintain the original item number and description.

  • Provide a brief but clear description of the evidence being submitted.

    If you need assistance accessing or filling out the RLS form, please contact the Evidence Section at 907-269-8120 or