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Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory

We provide scientific support to the criminal justice system to help create a safer Alaska.

Services Provided:
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Important Communications:
February 2024 NIBIN Roll-Out Information - NEW!!!
January 2024  Forensic Biology Procedure Update on Sampling Evidence and Amplifying Extracts - NEW!!!
February 2023 SA Kit Tracking Rollout 
December 2022 SA Kit Revisions 
April 2022 Sexual Assault Kit Processing Workflow
August 2021 Submission of Large Quantities of Pills

July 2020 SA Kit Revisions 
March 2019 Known Reference Sample FAQs
Template for printing envelopes for SUSPECT DNA Known Samples by consent 
March 2018 Memorandum List of Private Accredited Laboratories
February 2018 Letter Regarding SART Exam Authorization Timeframe
November 2017 Quick Reference Guide for DNA Database Collection
June 2015 Memorandum Regarding Amended Population Frequency Database
December 2013 Complex Mixture Memorandum
January 2013 Letter Regarding Disposition of DNA Extracts
Contact Information
Section Contacts

Forensic Biology Section
[Biological Screening]
Sexual Assault and CODIS Supervisor: Michelle Collins
Phone: (907) 269-5620

Major/Property Crime Supervisor: Jennifer Foster
Phone: (907) 269-4074

Chemistry Section
[Seized Drugs]
[Blood/Beverage Alcohol]
[Breath Alcohol]

Supervisor: Derek Walton
Phone: (907) 269-5628

Physical Section
[Footwear Impressions]
[Crime Scenes]

Supervisor: Kirk Wilcoxson
Phone: (907) 269-5685

Evidence Section
Phone: (907) 269-8120
Supervisor: Madeline Gilchrist
Phone: (907) 269-5596